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November 2014 Newsletter

No Nonsense November

Who is as proud as I am of the company we represent?!! Did you see it? Did you get to watch our Cindy Monroe on the Today show?

She announced that Thirty-One will be donating 250,000 products valued at more than $9 million to 90 charitable organizations across the US. WOW!!!

We already know what an amazing company Thirty-One is. That's why so many of us stay and continue to work our own businesses. It's all about the giving

"You can't out give God!" Well, I believe it and I'm thankful to be partnered with others that believe in that motto also. Let's continue to live out this motto during this Christmas season and watch how far a little kindness can go.

Let's make this the best Christmas season of all!

Keep up the momentum!

Be sure to check out www.thirtyonetoday.com every day! Keep a close watch on the business update. Pay special attention to low inventory, back ordered and stop sale items. Also, plan ahead to avoid the last two days of the month when submitting parties.

If you are ready to grow and build your business, I want to hear from you! We are still a ground floor opportunity. This business is truly changing lives. Be sure you are offering it to EVERYONE!

Remember: It pays to build a team!


Top In Sales

$4,000 + Club

$1,000 + Club


Tammy Moore $1,233

$500+ Club

Sherrie Honeycut $634

Shannon Nance $ 601

LeeAnn Carson $508

$100 + Club

Kelly Guderjohn $495

Jennifer Youse $354

Becky Hanna-Sisco $271

Danielle Stacks $140


Benefits of being a Director

Benefits of Being a Director

  • Earn extra commission on personal sales
  • Earn overrides on team sales
  • Opportunity to earn bonuses
  • Opportunity to earn the leadership trip

Next year it's in Riviera Maya again!!

  • Invitations to Directors Only events
  • Directors Only amenities
  • Recognition at National Conference
  • Help others achieve THEIR dreams

And the list goes on and on!!!

Any consultant has exactly what it takes to be a Director. You must know your goal, believe in yourself and be motivated to take the steps to make it happen! Remember, we ALL started the same way - with a $99 sales kit! How can you promote to Director? You must have the following to enter into Director in Qualification (DIQ):

  • 4 personally enrolled qualified & active recruits
  • $1,000 in personal volume
  • $4,000 in team volume

Lisa's Inspiration

One of the Most Important keys to SUCCESS

Is the having the DISCIPLINE to do what you know you SHOULD DO,

Even when you Do Not Feel Like DOING IT!!

Look Who Is In The Spotlight!!!

Tammy Moore: You are in the spotlight. Let's get to know Tammy..

Married to Chad for 8 years on February 24th

Loves her baby girl Hannah

Tammy's Why: "Wanted to the extra money so I never had to say no to buying something special for my baby girl. I thought it would be nice to have something just for me!"

Favorite Restaurant: Melting Pot

Favorite Snack: Broccoli with homemade ranch

Favorite Drink: Pumpkin Spice latte from Starbucks

Favorite Movie: anything christmas

Favorite TV show: Friends

For Fun:

"I love spending time with my baby girl and my husband. Anything I can do with them is fun!!!"