Town of Sunnyvale - Feb. 12, 2021

More winter weather approaching

The Town is monitoring inclement weather conditions approaching. We are expecting to see wind chills in the teens on Saturday with the possibility of snow during the day Sunday and a high probability that night. On Monday, dangerously low temps are forecast with blowing blizzard conditions.

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In preparation for the winter weather, please be mindful of the following:

  • Space heaters – Keep heaters away from flammable material including furniture, clothes, bedding, etc. If you are using propane heaters, do not use in an enclosed room (give the room some sort of ventilation). It is good to have a carbon monoxide detector in the house for gas stoves, heaters, water heaters, etc.

  • Fireplaces – Do not overload your fireplace. Fireplaces are designed and built to hold a certain amount of wood. Starter logs are only to be used in small amounts and not to be substituted for wood logs. When disposing of ashes, do not put them in plastic containers/bags or next to flammable items. Ashes can still burn hours after they have been discarded. This is also true for outdoor fire pits. Make sure your flume is clean and ensure that there is no buildup of ash. Hardened wood can create ash build up in the flume and heat is capable of reigniting the ash, creating a chimney fire.

  • Frozen pipes – If you experience frozen pipes, please use caution if using open flames to thaw the pipes. Heat is capable of transferring along the pipe and could make contact around insulation and building materials.

Roadways (especially bridges and overpasses) are expected to be slick and/or icy. Please use caution if you are unable to stay home. Drive slow and allow yourself plenty of room between cars.

Emergency Numbers:

Water Emergencies - (972) 251-0567

Medical or Fire Emergencies - 911
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Reduce electric usage during the storm

With the cold temperatures, there is record electricity usage. To help preserve the service, it is suggested that we lower our thermostats a few degrees. Unplug devices not in use. Use washers, dryers and dish washers sparingly.
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Advisory for homes with fire sprinkler systems

On Feb. 11, Paul Taylor Homes issued an emergency public service announcement to those with fire sprinkler systems in their homes.

Fire sprinkler systems can freeze in extremely cold temperatures. Below are a few guidelines to follow to help reduce the chances of the fire sprinkler system freezing and/or to mitigate the damage if the system does freeze:

  • Set all thermostats in your home to a minimum of 73°, including those rooms/floors not in use.
  • Make sure you know where the cut off valve to your fire sprinkler is located.
  • In the event the fire sprinkler system does break, turn off the system at the first sign of a leak. Keep in mind that leaking typically will not occur until the temperature outside begins to warm up. Also, turning off the system at the first sign of a leak will help mitigate the damage to your home.

Click here to read the full announcement issued by Paul Taylor Homes.

Republic Services collection update

Republic Services resumed collection for recycling and waste on Friday, Feb. 12 and will continue through Saturday, Feb. 13.

With more inclement weather in the forecast, Republic Services will be closely monitoring the weather and road conditions over the weekend for next week's collection. Should collection services be impacted, an update will be sent to Town administrators to be distributed to the community.

Federal government selects Dallas, Arlington for mass vaccination centers

On Feb. 10, the White House announced that it is partnering with the State of Texas to build three major Community Vaccination Centers (CVCs), with two of them being in Dallas and Arlington. The Dallas Site will be at Fair Park in Dallas and AT&T Stadium will house the Arlington site. The third site will be in Houston.

In a press briefing held on Feb. 10, White House COVID-19 Coordinator Jeff Zients said that federal teams were being deployed "immediately to work hand in hand with the state and local jurisdiction[s]."

The sites are expected to begin vaccinating by the beginning of the week of Feb. 22.

It is unknown if registration will be required to receive a vaccination at one of the CVCs. More information will be provided when it is received.

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Collins Road roundabout

For your safety and the safety of others, please view the informational diagram and video below on how to safely use the roundabout located on Collins Road. Just remember to yield to traffic that is already in the roundabout. If you are in the roundabout, keep moving. There is still some work to be completed, including decorative lighting.

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How to use a roundabout

Library Board Meeting

Tuesday, Feb. 16th, 6pm

402 Tower Place

Sunnyvale, TX

Agenda not yet posted.

Planning and Zoning Commission

Wednesday, Feb. 17th, 6pm

127 North Collins Road

Sunnyvale, TX

Regular Meeting - 6 p.m.