Growth of Computer Technology

By: Karla Tirado

Beginning of technology.

Technology has changed throughout the years. From flip phones to smart phones it has made a huge impact towards our society. But has it made a impact in a wrong way instead of used as a positive way.

Positives of Technology.

  • It creates jobs
  • gives a contribution to The GDP growth
  • emergence of new services
  • workforce transformation
  • allows us to communicate with relatives from different areas of the world.

Negatives of Technology

  • Decrese of human intraction
  • Identity theft
  • Inappropriate messages on social media
  • Fraud
  • Hackers

Responsibility of Citizens regarding this Issue

  • Choose to use responsibly
  • Not committing crimes online
  • Going to safe cites
  • Not posting inappropriate topics online

My Point of View

I believe that people should choose if they want to use technology responsibly or use it for false purposes but its better to choose a wise decision that could not get you into trouble. Everyone has a right to choose if they want go go to the bad side and face the consequences or choose the right side and live using technology in a safe and smart way.