Instructional Technology

Tools That Will Make Your Content Sing!

What do you want to learn today?

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Norms for the Day

  • Stay on schedule, be on time.
  • Participate and listen actively.
  • Take care of your self and your neighbor.
  • Prepare your technology for learning and engagement.
  • It's OK to have fun!

Agenda for the Day

9:00-9:10 Intorductions/Norms/Expectations

9:10-10:15 Feedback Options

10:15-10:25 BREAK

10:25-11:30 Blended Learning Tools

11:30-1:00 LUNCH

1:00-2:10 Presentation Tools

2:10-2:20 BREAK

2:20-3:20 Kids Create/Student Work

3:20-3:30 Wrap Up/Evaluations

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Resources for the Day

Presentation done through Smore, add feedback and comments through Padlet


  1. Smore link
  2. Socrative feedback
  3. QR code for TCEA iPad app list
  4. TCEA iPad app list link
  5. BYOD policy
  6. Parent communication with
  7. Technology Tool and Application Table
  8. Accounts/LogIns/Passwords Table
  9. Wrap Up Activity

Workshop Communication

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BYOD- Bring Your Own Device


  • Does your district have a BYOD policy?
  • Does your campus have a BYOD policy?
  • Do you have a BYOD policy?

What are some ideas for managing students in a BYOD classroom?

Sample BYOD Policy

Feedback Options

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Best resource for parent communication!

They can not respond to your messages (only outgoing).

You can schedule them ahead of time.

You can send them from an app on your phone.

Parents will love you!

How do I know what they know?

Kahoot it- go to

Socrative- use the Socrative app on the iPads

Poll Everywhere- use with phones/iPads/computers

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Blended Learning Tools



Infuse Learning:

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Join My Session

To join my infuse session go to:

Enter Room ID:67973

Your Name

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Presentation Tools


Check out my Blendspace:

Plate Tectonics:


% of a Number:

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Kids Create/Student Work

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What are 3 tools that you learned about today?

Table share what you learned and how you are going to use them in your classroom.


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