All about me

Tyler Mills

How am I gifted?

I am gifted in my creativity, and social skills. I feel I am very good at coming up with creative ways to problem solve. I also feel like I am skilled at making, and keeping good friends. I also feel like I am gifted with a special intellect, that not everybody has.
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I go to Southeast Polk Junior High.

I am a seventh grader at Southeast Polk Junior High. I feel like my favorite subject is Math, because I am in an advanced class, and it is a good challenge. I also participate in the Wrestling club.
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Here is my personal logo

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What I need to work on

Although I am gifted I also have flaws. I often am too jittery, and restless. I also often am forgetful, and I lose things all the time. Sometimes I can be overconfident, and that can sometimes turn people off. Or when playing sports for example I will become over confident, not try my best, and lose a match, or let down my team.
My personality is ENFP

Strength of individual traits: Extraverted: 81%, Intuitive: 17%, Feeling: 12%, Prospecting: 13%, Assertive: 21%.


Some of my hobbies to do outside of school, and sports are trampolining, and playing guitar