Voyager News

First Quarter News

6th Grade

The sixth grade Voyagers are off to a wonderful start at Mill Creek. During the first few weeks, we took some time to get to know each other and to know themselves better. Students self-assessed preferred learning styles, their Multiple Intelligences, and their True Colors. Orange seems to be a predominate color in this group. Some characteristics of orange personalities are: spontaneous, witty, bold, and cheerful.

We are now beginning the research for our Future Project. The students are working in pairs to research four areas that will be important in the future. Sustainable Building, Food, Travel, and Energy and Waste. Ultimately they will form two teams to design and create a model of a sustainable community incorporating their ideas from each researched area. Ask your child about their research in the next few weeks!

7th Grade

Seventh grade Voyagers have been working hard this quarter on two different group projects. One group is involved in the Battle of the Brains competition. Their task is to design a new interactive exhibit for Science City at Union Station. They chose the category of transportation, focusing on magnetic levitation trains. Their exhibit, titled "The Future of the Station," includes an area for magnet experiments, a magnetic hockey table, a working Maglev model, and a comparison of today's locomotives to Maglev trains. The team has put in many hours of work, so let's all hope they reach the finals! Mill Creek could win $50,000 if their idea is selected.

The other group has been investigating issues related to global health. After reading and discussing the factors impacting health worldwide, the students have begun individual research projects about diseases, vaccines, clean, water, access to medical care and nutrition in Africa. They will be creating their own plan for making a difference in their topic area.

Ask your child about his or her work on one of these projects.

8th Grade

Eighth grade began the quarter with a Great Speech study. The objective was to take presentation skills to the next level by studying elocution techniques and non-verbal components, such as gesturing and facial expression, used in some of the greatest speeches of all time.

We have now moved on to our debate unit, hoping to encourage the students to take debate next year in high school. Our three debate resolutions are:

  • Classic literature should be taught in schools.
  • Severe gun control should be implemented in the U.S.
  • Homeland security should take precedence over civil liberty.

Ask your child about his/her resolution and which side he/she will be debating. You might even have some mock debates at home to sharpen their skills!