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About me

My name is Neeley Nichols. My favorite sport is basketball. I like the Oklahoma Sooners.

My favorite NBA team is the Bulls. I live in a house of four people. I play SWHJH Mustang Basketball, and Football. I would like to go for track. I like the Kansas city Chiefs, and Denver Broncos. My height is exactly 5'8. I don't think I'm good at basketball. My middle name is Nolan.

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My Family

About my family

There are four people in my family. There is my Mom, my dad, my brother, and me.

I have family in Garden city Ks, Scott city Ks, and in Watertown South Dakota.


College teams I like

I like five teams. The college teams I like are WSU, Oklahoma University, Notre Dame, Ohio St. University, and lSU.

NFL teams i like

The NFL teams I like are Kansas City Chiefs, and the Denver Broncos.


College/NBA basketball teams

College basketball teams I like are WSU, and one NBA team is the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Neeley n. Nichols

The n. means Nolan, that is my middle name.

Basketball number is 34.

Football number was 63.

Chistmas parade

Sunday, Dec. 14th, 9pm

Plains, KS, United States

Plains, KS