The end is near...

What to expect

So, we only have 13 more days of school and only 3 more dance practices remaining. We will also have two special events. Please plan for dancers to attend all remaining practices and events.

Please note:

**I will not be at school on Tuesday, May 5th**

Dates to Remember

Practice Days

  • Wednesday, May 6th 7:15-7:45am
  • Thursday, May 7th 7:15-7:45am (*THANKFUL THURSDAY*)
  • Tuesday, May 12th 7:15-7:45am

Special Events

Dance Club End of Year Appreciation Breakfast

Thursday, May 14th 7:15am-7:45am

Parents, this is a time when we fellowship with the dancers and have a special breakfast for the girls. Last year, everyone brought in various items and we all enjoyed breakfast together. This year, I would love for us to do the same. On Wednesday, the dancers will create a menu wish list. I will then send an email with a sign-up to see who will be able to contribute. Keep in mind we have 18 girls.

One thing that I am adding to our Appreciation Breakfast is to invite Dr. Gee, Mr. Peterson, and Mr. Lyron (lead custodian). All three of these individuals should be appreciated as well for allowing Dance Club to continue this year, use of the gym, and always having the door open for us. I want the girls to present each of them with thank you cards and a little breakfast (they all like fruit...and possibly a muffin).

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For the dancers and parents who have participated in our community service days....

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The residents LOVE having the girls around. They actually look forward to having them come to see them. Last month, they requested more dancing and karaoke for the next time that we meet:

DANCE/KARAOKE PARTY with the Seniors of Brookdale at Stone Mountain

Saturday, May 16th 10:00am-11:30am

It has been fun to watch the kids interact with the seniors. This month lets make more memories for those fiesty residents. Lets bring balloons, "prizes" (beads, boas, tiaras, stuff) for them to remember Mountain Park Dance Club. For those who remember what their senior liked (example: Ms. Aleen loves the color green, wants a picture of UGA Bulldogs, and loves banana pudding), bring something personal. I know Ms. Hollywood would love to see her name in lights, or Mr. Charlie would like something to remind him of his days as a football player. Ms. Barbara is from New York (West 4th Street and the Bronx)...she may like something to remind her of home. Ms. Mildred, Ms. Doris, and Ms. Barbara had birthday's in April...maybe a belated birthday card. You get the point. We will perform "Baby I'm A Star" and "Uptown Funk" again....they liked I hope to see EVERYONE in practice this week and next week.

*How many dancers have access to a tutu? Our attire will be 80s

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Thanks again for your time & support!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to call/text/email....

See you Wednesday :)