Barack H. Obama II

By: LaTrecia Harris & Calen Burks

president obama was an inspiration to many lives of the u.s.a through many types of ways. although different people had different opinions he fed through it

Time line

  • 1961~ baby Barack H. Obama was born in Hondulu, Hawii on August 4
  • 1979~ he attended college at Occidental College in LA
  • 1981~ he made his first public speech and transfered to Columbia University
  • 1988~ he began studying at Harvard Law School and he worked as an intern for to law firm in Chicago
  • 1990~ he became the first black president of Harvard Law Review
  • 1991~ he graduated and got his law degree
  • 1992~ he became the director of Illinois Project Vote taught constitutional law at University of Hawii then married Michelle Robinson
  • 1996~ he became elected to illinois senate
  • 2003~ he becomes the chairman of the illinois senates's health and human services commitee
  • 2005~ on january 5 he is sorn as a u.s senate
  • 2008~he was elected as president
  • 2010~ march 23 he signed the health care law
  • 2011~ annouced his re-election on april 4
  • 2012~he was re-elected as president on november 6
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