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October 28, 2016

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Fifty-Seventh Annual Academic Awards Program

Last night we honored those students who had achieved a 3.5 annual grade point average during the 2015-2016 school year. We would like to thank our guest speaker Mr. Phil LaMaster for speaking with the students about academics and life. Congratulations to all of our award recipients.

Miranda Baker, Parker Barrett , Paige Barrett , Paolo Bartoch, Nicholas Bartoch, Katheryn Becker, Heaven Beswick, Karan Bhula, Allison Binkley, Lauren Bowen, Hannah Bowen, Ashton Bowles, Makalynn Brown, Gabriell Buckner, Brianna Bunning, Johnna Burns, Brandon Bush, Eric Carey, Phillip Carr, Emma Christoff, Izaak Cline, Trey Cole, Lillie Collins, Mara Colson, Macy Colson, Trevor Cox, Natalie Craig, Ashley Crites, Josiah Croasdell, Emily Cumbee, Fidelina Diaz, Sunshine Dixon, Isabelle Duckwall, Sydney East, Sara Edwards, Ronald Everitt, Taylor Funk, Justice Gabbard, Rachel Gillespie, Pamela Graham, Brentin Gross, Alyssa Hall, Lauren Hamelman, Kinley Harmon, Elise Harrison, Mark Hays, Hannah Heil, Grace Hicks, Matthew Hicks, Brenden Holsapple, Alexa Howser, Crystal Hudgens, Katlyn Hunger, Abigail Johanningsmeier, Jaime Jones, Camden Jones, Johnathon Kimmick, Joseph Light, Patrickn Lincoln, Jena, Livesay, Alexis Lyons, Alivia Lytle, Tasha Mayfield, Jesse Mays, Jasmine McCorkle, Hali McGlothlin, Mitchell Meagher, Taylor Mihalik

Kayla Morris, Isaak Mount, Eliza Mount, Jacob Murphy, Grace Murphy, Isabella Myszak, Brooklyn Niccum, , Juliet Nichols, Anne Noble, Logan Paris, Kendra Paul, Rachel Pelfrey, Lindsey Pfaffenbach, Hailey Plance, Jonathan Provines, Olivia Reul, Megan Rosemeyer, Lauren Royse, Justin Salyers, Kayla Sampson, Destany Self, Madelyn Shelton, Abby Shuler, Karli Sipe, Sara Slack, Casey Smith, Travis Sparkman, Taylor Stewart, Megan Thomas, Sarah Thomas, Allison Thompson, Autumn Tutterrow, Marcos Valencia, Brandon Visetchaisri, Racheal Wagner, Kacey Walker, Emma Waskom, Savannah Watts, Taylor West, Callie Whittaker, Kevin Zhang

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National Honor Society Inductees for 2016-2017

This years National Honor Society Inductees were recognized last night here at SHS. We are proud to announce Chelsea Mills, Ashton Bowles, Rachel Pelfrey, Isaak Mount, Kayla Sampson, Taylor Stewart, Alyssa Hall, Jasmine McCorkle, Jena Livesay, Pamela Graham, Jesse Mays, Sarah Thomas, Rachel Gillespie, Allison Binkley, Trevor Cox, Sunshine Dixon, Brenden Holsapple, Lauren Royse, Gabi Buckner, Juliet Nichols.

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Competition for a Cause

The 2nd Annual SADD Volleyball Tournament on Monday, October 23, was a huge success with students and faculty! Teams consisting of 6-10 people donated $20 to the SADD Chapter to participate. 9 teams consisting of teachers and students, about 70 people total,competed, but only one team was able to spike all the other competition. Emma Waskom (12), who was apart of the 3rd place team, said, "It was a great tournament and everyone enjoyed themselves. I know that the teachers especially had fun competing against students." The tournament was a great way to get the students and staff together and draw support for the SADD Chapter. We as a club hope to do a similar event in the spring and hope to get even more student and faculty involvement. All the members would like to give a special thanks to Mrs. Julie Wells for being the referee for the night. Also, all the members would like to thank Mrs. Lana Coverdale for allowing them to use her Ford vehicle for the “Click it or Ticket” challenge! The volleyball tournament was just one example of how students can get involved and have fun without making negative decisions.
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Fall Prospect Beef Show

This Saturday October 29, 2016 the Scottsburg FFA will be hosting their annual Fall Prospect Beef Show. Our registration starts from 8-10 am and the shows will start at 11 am, our only restriction is that all cattle must be born after January 1, 2016 to be eligible to compete. Entry fees are 25$ per head and 5$ for showmanship. Our show will be held at the Scott County Fairgrounds, the show will be followed in the order of showmanship first, heifers second, and steers last. We have hosted this event for quite some time and we love hosting it and putting it all together, so everyone come out and join in on all the fun we will be having Saturday October 29th. We could use all the help we can get so if you are a FFA member sign up on Mrs. Vangosen’s board, even if you aren’t an FFA member and you are interested in this event we would love to have you. We have a spot for everyone to fill in, come out and show or even watch the show. The FFA has set up a great event and would like to share this with everyone. We hope to see you there!

Contact Information for any questions:

Caroline Vangosen: 606-584-0949

Tessa Richey: 812-595-7498

Emma Hall: 1812-595-7776

Archery Club Starting November 1st

The Archery Club will be starting their season on November 1st. They will be practicing at the Central Office Multi Purpose Room on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. There will be a shuttle bus available after school to transport any students that may need a ride. If you are interested in joining this group, please feel free to come check us out on November 1st.