Allie Nigro

Allie Nigro is a sophomore at Marvin Ridge High School. She plays soccer at WCWAA and she also plays for Marvin Ridge High School. Her main position is a center midfielder. She plays center mid for WCWAA. For Marvin Ridge High School soccer she plays center mid and also outside mid as well. She is the 15 year old daughter of Jerry and Renee Nigro and sister of Nick and Joe Nigro. She has been playing soccer ever since she was 5 years old. She was been playing at WCWAA ever since she started playing soccer. She has had several coaches. Her most recent coaches have been Des Vickers, Lee Minton and Jimmy Mumby. “Allie is a hardworking player and is fun to have on the team,” says her old coach Des Vickers. Allie and her team won the 2013 North Carolina State Cup and went on to compete in Alabama for the regional title. Sadly they fell short when they lost to North Texas, but just making it to regionals with her team was the biggest accomplishment that she has ever achieved. Allie doesn’t succeed only outside of school, but she also succeeds in the classroom as well. She is also a member of Club SSH20 which helps raise money for kids and adults who have special needs go to summer camp. The money that they raise goes to paying for the amount it is to sign up and go to the camp. We are excited to see what Allie does this next season with Marvin Ridge.