Mrs. Muller's Fun-Tastic News

First & Second Grade

Let the fun begin!

We have already been back to the grind for over a week now. Our class is adjusting well to beginning school. We spent the first three days back learning our classroom rules and daily procedures. First and second grade picked up on these quickly.

We spent the first week or so assessing students in reading, writing, and math. It is important for me to find out what students already know and what they can perform before I begin teaching. I look forward to sharing with you areas where students Rock! and areas where we need more repetition.

This week we started our curriculum and students are having a great time getting back in their seats to learn something new!

Current studies this week!

Language: First grade is learning -at words, story sequencing, and what makes a sentence. Second grade is reviewing short vowel words with more than one syllable. We are working on story sequencing, homophones, and what makes a sentence. I've noticed already that many students need to work on their reading fluency and that comes with extra reading practice! :)

Math: First grade is working on representing objects as numbers, practicing their handwriting for numbers, and working with tens and ones. Second grade is working on reading numbers to 1,000 and place value of tens and ones.

Science: We started our first science unit on air and weather. We have already learned what a meteorologist does, tools they use to study weather, and what our weather looks like and feels like. We started a science journal where we record details about the weather. Each day we have a meteorologist who records the temperature at the end of the day. After 20 days, we are going to compare our data. Today we also created an anemometer. This was a fun activity. Students used the weather tool just like a meteorologist and gave a report on the wind in our classroom (air from a hair dryer).

Religion: Both grade have begun the school year learning about how to be a follower of Jesus and what it looks like when we follow Jesus. We have incorporated our school rules and our daily behavior into these lessons. Students have learned about the word community and as a Catholic we belong to a special community...the community of Jesus and all His followers. Please practice students grade level prayers at home. At back to school night (tomorrow) I will be giving parents a list of the grade level prayers.

Things to practice at home:

  • Daily reading
  • Math facts (addition and subtraction to 20)
  • Counting (1-120, skip counting, counting by 2, 5, 10, 100)
  • Sight word cards
  • 1st grade- letter names, letter sounds, blending sounds together to make a word
  • 2nd grade - short and long vowel words

Some of our friends learning this week!

We took our learning outside, too!

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Have a wonderful rest of your week!

I look forward to seeing parents at the back to school night, tomorrow at 6pm! I will be going over our classroom procedures and academics for the year. Each parent will get a back to school packet with all the information and our class has a special video for you!

~Mrs. Muller