Period 1 (1491-1607)

Paula Murillo 1/4/16

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus spent years trying to find financial support for his plan to sail from Europe to the Indies. Columbus later on became governor, admiral, and viceroy of all of the lands he would claim for Spain.
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Native American Cultures (1491-1607) - AP US History (APUSH) @TomRichey


English and Spanish and all other European languages were part of one language family which was the Indo-European. American Indian languages had more than 20 language families. Along with the Algonquian language, all these families included more than 400 clear languages.
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Improvements in technology changed the economy in Europe and the Americas.


The Spanish and Portuguese explorers dealt with people who were different from them which lead to debates over how American Indians should be treated and how civilized the groups were compared to the European standards.