Technology Class

By: Collin Stellmacher

Typing Web

  • I learned how to type with out looking at the key board.
  • Each day we got to type for five minutes be for class started.
  • We had to finish certain levels to get a good grade.


  • We made a iTrailer with pictures and videos in it.
  • I learned how to make the itrailer.
  • My family was the topic of my trailer and was a fun project.


  • I learned how to make the person move by making a code.
  • We had to complete certain lessons to get a good grade.
  • This unit was the most difficult unit for me.

Explain Everything

  • We learned how to record our voices and send the teacher a step by step math problem.
  • This app can be used to take notes and send assignments to the teacher.
  • I use this app in other classes also, not just technology,

Career Locker

  • In this unit, we got to choose a dream job and made a slide show presentation about it.
  • We learned how much the salary was and college requirements were for that job.
  • I had to present my dream job to the class.

Haiku Deck

  • In haiku deck, we learned how to make a slide show.
  • This app allows you to pull pictures from the web right in the app.
  • We could use this app a lot in other classes.