Sagittarius Constellation

The Archer

The Greek myth

In Greek mythology, Sagittarius is a centaur (a human with the lower body of a horse) named Chiron who is a great hunter and teacher. He apparently taught Jason and Achilles, who are greek heroes.

One day Hercules and his army were fighting of centaurs, and he accidentally shot Chiron in the chest. Chiron went to Kronos (his dad) for help, but he couldn't be saved because Hercules' arrow was poisoned by Lernean Hydra venom, which killed anyone it touched. Chiron was immortal, meaning he couldn't die, so he was in alot pain. Prometheus the Titan wanted to help, so he made Chiron mortal. Chiron was sent up to the heavens and placed as the constellation Sagittarius.



*Sagittarius was named after the latin word for archer

*Sagittarius is the 15th biggest constellation.

*It's located in the center of the milky way galaxy.

*The arrow is pointing at the constellation Scorpio.

*The brightest star, Kansis Media, is the tip of the arrow.

*Found in the 2nd century by Ptolemy, a greek astronomer.

*Sagittarius is one of the12 Zodiac signs. It represents November 22-december 21