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Cornell University


Cornell is found in Ithaca, New York.


4 Credits of English,3 Mathmatics credits (including precalculus),3 Credits of science (including 1 biology and 1 chemistry or physics).Additional higher math and sciences are highly recommended.SAT or ACT with writing scores are required but no minimum score requirement.No given GPA required.Application fee: 75$ Submission of Common App is also required.

Interesting Attractions

1. Four state parks within ten miles of campus 2. Cayuga lake for swimming, canoeing, and fishing3. Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art4. Greek Peak is a half hour drive from campus for snowboarding, skiing, and tubing


CALS or College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Degree and Requirements

For a Plant Biology degree, you need a minumum of 40 credits each class gives credits ranging from 3-4. Some classes are highly recommended to take for further understanding of plants such as Moleculuar Biology & Genetic Engineering and Physiology of Ecology and Yield.

Tuition & Financial Aid

For a non-New York state resident the total cost of tuition is $61,618 without financial aid. According to my brother, being a white male of the middle class means not so much financial aid. :(

Job Placement

According to, Cornell University is ranked 10 on their list of colleges for job placement. There is no job placement information given on Cornell's website.


Cornell has a fairly prestigious reputation as an Ivy League school. I have heard nothing bad about Cornell and with a few Google searches, I didn't seem to find many bad things about it besides the acceptance rate. A famous quote from the founder: " I would found an institution where any person can find instruction in any study." - Ezra Cornell
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