Access Bars® Class

How much fun can you have learning something new?

Access Bars® is an Energetic Body Process

Designed to facilitate a different way of being in the world.....The running of the Bars facilitates the dissipation of stored electrical components of thought. Polarized Points of View that have kept you stuck and limited in any areas of your life dissipate with Ease to create a space for new possibilities, that you have not yet been aware of. What if you would open the doors to being everything that you have decided it is not possible to be? What if you were truly willing to nurture and care for you?

The Benefits of having your Bars run include:

Happier states of mind.

Noticeable reduction in stress and anxiety.

Greater clarity and ease in all aspects of your life and living.

Chronic aches, pain and illness can begin to shift.

Totally fabulous with children/learning abilities/exams etc

Greater awareness of who you Be and accessing what it is you know.

And so much more..

32 Points on the Head

A series of 32 different points that when lightly held can begin to transform any part of your life..Some of these points include: control, creativity, money, body, awareness, kindness, gratitude, sexuality, time and space, joy and sadness to name a few. How many limitations do you have in these areas of your life? What else could you create in your life if you had more freedom to choose in any of these areas? What are the Infinite Possibilities?

Access 'Learn to Run the Bars' class

Sunday, July 27th, 9:30am-6pm

Aldinga Beach, South Australia, Australia

Aldinga Beach, SA

Address will be provided upon registration.

To register follow the link

Morning and afternoon tea provided. Please bring your own lunch..