Mr. Ross' Weekly Newsletter

December 19, 2014

“For a new year to bring you something new, make a move, like a butterfly tearing its cocoon! Make a move!”

- Mehmet Murat ildan (Turkish author)

Blackburn Elementary Spelling Bee

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Congratulations to our class spelling bee champion, Parker! He also did very well in the school-wide spelling bee this week. We are very proud of you Parker!

What Will We Be Learning This Week?


We will be completing Unit 6 in Math Expressions, which covers measurement concepts such as volume, capacity, mass, and temperature.

Language Arts

We will continue our study of figurative language, focusing on idioms and personification.

Words Their Way spelling lists will resume this week.

Social Studies

We will complete a USA Studies Weekly, focusing on the contributions of African-Americans to the Revolutionary War and George Washington's role as the general of the Continental Army.


Our balloon racers were a great deal of fun and I am very proud of all of the students for their efforts in this project! Unfortunately, none of the racers were successful in meeting the 5 meter goal so we will continue this project in the first couple of weeks in January. Students will have the option of either modifying their existing racers or creating completely new ones.

We have discussed how testing and then improving upon designs is a major part of an engineer's job, so this is really just a part of the engineering process.

Here are a few tips based on the balloon racers from today:

  • Make sure the wheels are able to rotate freely. Many wheels would rub against the car's body, slowing them down.
  • Make sure the wheels are stable. A few of the racers had wheels that either fell off or were unable to support the weight of the vehicle.
  • Test the vehicle before bringing it in. It was clear that some of the vehicles had not been tested at home.

Here are the Balloon Racers guidelines for your reference:

Balloon Racers

Here is the unit study guide for your reference:

Forces & Motion Unit Study Guide

Upcoming Events

No School!

Saturday, Dec. 20th, 12am to Sunday, Jan. 4th 2015 at 11:45pm

Blackburn Elementary School, Jacobs Fork, NC, United States

Newton, NC

I hope that you each have a safe and happy winter vacation! See you next year!

Block Schedule

Monday 1/5 - PE

Tuesday 1/6 - PE

Wednesday 1/7 - Music

Thursday 1/8 - Art

Friday 1/9 - PE

Monday 1/12 - PE

Tuesday 1/13 - Music

Wednesday 1/14 - Art

Thursday 1/15 - PE

Friday 1/16 - PE