New Zealand

Kia Ora! By:Amanda Rath

New Zealand Flag

This is what people say about the New Zealand Flag of what it means: "The flag of New Zealand is a defaced Blue Ensign with the Union Flag in the canton, and four red stars with white borders to the right. The stars represent the constellation of Crux, the Southern Cross." As what people in new zealand say.

City of New Zealand

The Prime Minister of New Zealand

This is the Prime Minister of New Zealand Prime Minister John Key.

The Prime Minister's Wife -> Her name is Bronagh Key

New Zealand Waterfall

This is what people say about the waterfall: "Whether you’re searching for fairytale village settings like those found in the Waikato region of North Island or rugged landscapes with volcanoes, steam vents and emerald-colored lakes (in Tongariro National Park), New Zealand is a hot destination in 2013. Those looking for urban excitement can head to Christchurch, South Island’s big city. Though it was devastated by earthquakes in 2010 and 2011, it is back in full swing, with new galleries, bars and restaurants, plus a $2-billion park that will surround the city currently under construction." as the we the people in new zealand say.

A place with a big horizon!

New Zealand Animals

New Zealand

New Zealand Art

New Zealand Music