DMS Weekly Update

2020-21 School Year

August 24th is Around the Corner!

As we prepare to begin the school year, we are looking forward to seeing our students and getting to know them. We are planning and looking forward to teaching our students this year even though our school days look different this year.

The school campus will open doors at 7:30am for students to enter. Homeroom begins at 8:00am each day. Homeroom is a time for students to transition into their school day. Breakfast will be served and a daily wellness check-in will be conducted during this time. A morning assignment will be given and it is important for all students to be on campus and in homeroom so that they can begin their morning in a way that will help them have a smooth start to their school day.

For the first 10 days of school, our students will be in their homeroom class with core content teachers and related arts teachers rotating into the classroom for instruction. We have been able to schedule cohorts to prevent exposure incidents and to allow for 6ft of social distancing so that students and teachers will not have to wear a mask during their classtime. Upon arrival to school, when on the school bus, when dismissing, when moving from one location to another and when 6ft of social distancing cannot be achieved in the classroom are the times when students will wear masks. All students will receive one plain issued mask on the first day of school, but students may wear their own mask to school.

Students will be given multiple opportunities to wash and sanitize their hands and desks during the school day. Restroom breaks, hygiene breaks, and snack cart breaks will be a part of each student's day. As we begin this new school year, we have tried to include several engaging activities for students such as the lunchtime game-time, or movie watch. Students will have opportunities to go outside during the day in order to enjoy fresh air and sunshine.

We will dismiss students from classrooms at the end of the day and will provide car line numbers to families who pick up during the first week of school in the car line each afternoon.

Our first 10 days of school will focus on assessing students to determine current levels so that our instruction can begin at the appropriate rate, reintroducing remote learning that will be utilized during weeks 3 and 4 and explain the changes made to make remote learning more effective, sharing our new safety protocols that address COVID spread levels, and providing wellness check-ins for students who may need to speak with our school counselor as they have been away from school since last March.

If you know of anyone who is not receiving our weekly emails, please ask them to contact the school so that we can help them establish a working email. The district and DMS will continue to communicate throughout the school year by email so it is important for all families to be able to access the communications being sent.

Tuesday, August 18th-Virtual Meet the Teacher!

Please plan to attend our Virtual Meet the Teacher! Our teachers will be introducing themselves and explaining how their classroom works and best ways to contact them this year. Click on the link below when it is time for your child's Meet the Teacher:

Each team of teachers will be hosting a Virtual Meet the Teacher on Tuesday, August 18th. The schedule is as follows:

Related Arts Teachers-3:00pm, 5:00pm

Meet The Teacher Link

8th Grade Teachers- 3:00-3:45pm

Use this Link for 8th grade

7th Grade Teachers-4:00-4:45pm

Use this link for 7th grade

6th Grade Teachers-5:00-5:45pm(for any last minute questions)

Use this link for 6th grade

Our school counselor and administration will be in attendance at each meeting to answer any questions.