4th Grade Newsletter

Mrs. Wiley & Ms. Thurman

Happy Friday!

We hope that you all have had a great week with your family. Although our week was shortened, we were able accomplish many things in our classes. Below are some reminders about important dates:

- No more make up grades will be accepted for the 1st grading cycle. 2nd grading cycle has started

- Monday, Oct. 17, Homeroom class photo & Book Fair Preview

- Wednesday - Thursday, Oct. 19-20, VIP Lunch Book Fair Invasion during lunch time

- Friday, Oct. 21, Last day of Book Fair

- Monday, Oct. 24, Red Ribbon Week Performance

- Monday, Oct. 31, Book Character Parade, Students dress up as a character from a book they are currently reading or from a book they have finished this school year. Students will share their costume character & book during reading class

Message from Ms. Thurman


This week we will be dividing whole numbers (×/÷) 1- and 2-step problems. Also, we will be diving into Algebra–Multistep and learning how to represent Multi-Step Problems. So far, dividing has been an uphill journey, but I do feel like the more we practice the better they get at it. Hang in there parents, it will get easier.


This week we will be identifying sequences and predict patterns of change in seasons and identifying sequences and predict

patterns of change in shadows. They will enjoy this segment because we are getting into the cooler weather so it is definitely a topic to relate to. Also, coming home today are the Science Fair sheets explaining what is to be expected of our students this year. So, please be on the look- out for it in your child’s red folder.

Social Studies:

We will finish up our study on Christopher Columbus and then dig into identifying, locating, and comparing

the regions of Texas.

A message from Mrs. Wiley


We will begin our unit in Poetry! Each student will receive their own poetry book to use over the next 3 weeks. This week we will focus on the elements & structure found in poems. During our study, we will identify the forms & speakers used in the poems we read. Friday, there will be a poetry quiz over the elements & structure terms. Please be sure that your child is reading at least 20 minutes a night & fills this out themselves on the HW cover sheet :)

Language Arts - Grammar - Writing:

This week students will begin a new Expository writing on their favorite place to visit. We will go through the writing process together. There will be a lesson on introductions & conclusions.

Each student has or will receive a copy of an iWrite Writing Journal that was created by the author Melissa Williams (a very best friend of mine). She has self published a series of children's' chapter books & picture books. Our class is very fortunate to pilot this creative writing program this year. The students will be able to write in their iWrite journals in my class this year! :)

For more information about her writing organization, please visit iwrite.org.

In grammar, I will introduce Complex Sentences. We will look at correctly written complex sentences & practice writing them, too. Complex Sentences are sentences that have an Independent Clause & Dependent Clause. We will discuss when a comma is needed.


When it is summer break, I get to relax all day.

(dependent clause comma independent clause)

I get to relax all day when it is summer break.

(independent clause - no comma - dependent clause)

Spelling words can be found on the reading and language arts homework cover sheet.