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Fill yer sails with the amazing work of ye mateys at NP3!

NOVEMBER 7, 2013


Publishing is everywhere! Publishing can be quite a sense of accomplishment for students - and a great way to vary demonstration of knowledge! It's an opportunity for students to formally display, share, and communicate their learning with others! Publishing is also a unique way to offer information to an audience. It can even be a reteach or additional way to allow for students to make connections to content they already learned. Studies have shown that students are motivated to reach for excellence when they know there is a presentation or publishing aspect on the horizon.

NP3 students have been performing dances, debates, projects, self-made replicas of history, modeling, and more. These experiences reinforce learning, create an experience and memories to talk about, even after the day has passed.

Publishing can be a final draft, but it can also be what you do with that final draft - who sees it and how is it shared, that further impacts learning. Go NP3 staff!

Publishing in Action

The video below shows an activity using podcasting. What is a way you can incorporate podcasting into a culminating activity?

NP3 Announcements Mateys!

For Teachers Only:

  • On Leave! Jen Rickards will be on leave and Teresa Dawson will be taking her place for the remainder of this school year as of Nov 12th
  • Intervention Change! 6th ELA Intervention will be taught by Teresa Dawson and 8th ELA Intervention will be taught by Kevin Cassidy
  • WASC! Anzelc and Edwards will be ON SITE this Friday working on WASC
  • NP3 Website! Don't forget to check out the student blog and share with your advisees! It can be found on the "beyond the classroom" tab
  • AIC! AIC's are scheduled for Nov. 20th
  • Advisory! Observations will continue in Advisory
  • Save the date! Staff Holiday Party Saturday Dec 7th at 3pm at David’s
  • Sunshine Fiesta Lunch!-Come eat with sunshine before PD-Nov 7 (TODAY!!!!!!) yummmmmmmmm.
  • Tutoring! HS KAP students are tutoring in the HWC on Wednesdays. If you want to refer a student you must contact parent and email Nancy
  • MINIMUM DAY! Friday Nov 8th is a MINIMUM DAY due to HS end of quarter
  • NO SCHOOL! Monday Nov 11th

Share with Advisees:

  • 6th grade Cookie Dough Fundraiser is going on for Science Camp
  • Game night is Nov 15th, so is the Cultural Day Rally
  • KCRA Kids Can Canned Food Drive 10/24-11/15-winners get a pizza party
  • Jamba Juice Sales-Friday Nov 22 @ Lunch to help fund raise for 6th Science Camp
  • 7th grade DC/NYC Parent Night @ 6pm Nov 20th-GYM
  • 8th grade DC/NYC Pancake Breakfast @ Applebees in Natomas -tickets for sale with the kids going on the trip-Saturday Nov 9th
  • Tuesday Nov 12th remind intervention students of a room change - 8th language arts intervention (SIPPS group) will be going to Cassidy and 6th language arts intervention will be going to Dawson (J Rickards' room)