Southview school news

What's going on at this school?

School store works it's way for being out of stock... FOR EVERYTHING?

Our school store is running out of things to sell! And even worse, they now have to sell FOLDERS. Will this school store stay until the end of the year?:(

Does indoor recess have to become our EVERYDAY recess!?

How many days have we had this recess?

We've officialy had two days of indoor recess in a row... TWICE! Will that become a "big thing" at our school this year? Stay tuned to find out!

Second grade substitutes

We are having a very "Substitute-ish" week in the second grade! First, we had Mrs. D. As a sub in mrs. menas' class, And that was true for more than one day this week, then, we had mrs. Carlson as a sub for mrs. Cho, and finally, on friday, we'll have mrs. L. substituting for mrs. Bottem! I'll be glad when this week is done. Well, except for the fact that mrs. L. gives out prizes to good kids.