He has no cape! :D

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Identifying Traits
  • Bluish Silver Color.
  • Magnetic Properties
  • Extremely Tough

Important Uses

  • Healing Abilities (only metal in medicines)
  • High Radiation
  • Found in Meteorites

Real History of Hero

Mr. Cobalt was found in a vast meteor while mining large veins of cobalt by Georg Brandt. His sword was found nearby.

Normal Person History

Cobalt was discovered when Georg Brandt succeeded in demonstrating that Cobalt was a completely different element from Bysmuth.

Powers and Things

  • Can launch radioactive rays from sword in emergency
  • Tends to fly about in a hunk of meteor that he duct taped a jet rocket to.
  • Healing Powers
  • His weakness is Sulfur
  • Has epic glowing sword
  • Conductor Ability
  • Bendability
  • Can survive without a cape (an amazing feat!)
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