Kids in beauty pageants?

good or bad?

What is it?

Modeling,sports wear,evening attire,dance and talent.That is a child's beauty pageant,they have been around since the 1960's.Contestants earn money for college,pageants can benefit children's speaking skills and form a friendship.However,it may cause more harm than you think.

Kids judged on their looks

  • Studies show it affects their self-esteem.
  • Studies show they change their looks so much it changes who they really are.
  • Fact shows the competition mainly focuses on the physical beauty of its contestants.

Early sexual looks

  • The kids think their sexual appear matters about 52% more than anything else about them.
  • parents drop $5000 on a pageant outfit.
  • wear sexual clothing at a young age.

Physical health in a beauty pageant

  • 66% of doctors say physical health also is negatively affected.
  • clinical phychologiist Dr.Linda P says there have been many studies that show pageants affect everything from how girls do in school to relationships.
  • Parents encourage children to quickly lose weight.

What side are you on?