"Exploring the seas" By Jenna Welty, 3rd hour

Basic information about my career

  • Study ocean and sea
  • Study animals and wild life in the sea
  • Outlook: good employment
  • Wisconsin salary: $44,730 to $112,630
  • National salary: $48,270 to $166,400
  • Physically demanding
  • Bachelors degree
  • Basic areas: physical, chemistry, geological, biological, and marine
  • Wisconsin outlook: face competition
  • Occupations: Technical Consulting Services

Pros and cons of my career


  • Good pay, get a lot of money.
  • Many jobs, it's will be easy to find a job.
  • Bachelors degree, I only need a bachelors degree.


  • No college in Wisconsin, college will be expensive.
  • Physically demanding, I could get hurt.
  • Expensive college, because I'm out of state everything will be more money.

What you need to do to succeed in this career

In high school I will need to do calculus, chemistry, physics, and statistics and proability. This will help get ready for college.

In college I need to take advanced chemistry, advanced physics, calculus, statistics and proability.

What college you can attend to earn a degree for this career

#1 Central Michigan University, Mount pleasant, Michigan

I will get my bachelors degree

Pros: 1. Gymnastics 2. Swimming 3. Job fairs and job interviews

Cons: 1. 23,670 tuition 2. Graduate out of state tuition $13,788 3. Far away from home.

Warriner Hall, Mt Pleasant, MI 48858


#2 University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Ann Arobo Michigan

I will get my bachelors degree

Pros: 1. Gymnastics 2. Swimming 3. Books coast $1,048

Cons: 1. Out of state tuition $41,578 2. Room and board $10,246 3. Expensive

500 S State St, Ann Arbor, MI 48109


#3 Western Nevada College, Carson city, Nevada

I will get my bachelors degree

Pros: 1. Books coast $1,400 2. Bachelors degree 3. Not expensive

Cons: 1. No gymnastics 2. No swimming 3. No masters degree

2201 W College Pkwy, Carson City, NV 89703


Associations/professional organization for this career

The Oceanography Society

Jennifer Ramarui

P. O. Box 1931 Rockvill, MD 20849-1931 USA

(1) 301-251-7708


AGI (American Geosciences Institute)

Maureen Moses


(703) 379-2480

4220 king street

Job advertisement

Do you like to study oceans and seas or do you like to study plants and animals living in the ocean? Then this job is for you! The national job outlook is good employment and the Wisconsin job outlook is you will face competition. The salary national is $48,270 to $166,400 per year and the Wisconsin salary is $44,730 to $112,630 per year. The degree you will need in a bachelors but they encourage a masters degree. This job is physically demanding, working conditions for oceanographers differ from job to job. If you are interested in this job please call 1-800-dive-in.