Farewell To Manzanar

Chapter 14

Eleanor's Having A Baby!

Eleanor Wakatsuki has been in the hospital trying to deliver a baby that would have been born in Nevada, only Shig, her husband, got drafted for the war. But Mama and Papa are getting grey hairs just thinking about their other daughters, who both hemorrhaged badly: one even died on the hospital bed. After two hard days, Elenor gives birth to a healthy baby boy.

Historical Relevance

"Early in 1944 the government decided that Nisei should be eligible for Selective Service, like all other American citizens, (Houston 118)." This made it possible for men of Asian descent to be drafted into the military (why Eleanor is residing in Manzanar).

Moving On

Throughout the book, Jeanne Wakatsuki relies on her mother and father for adoration and support. Though when Eleanor's baby is born healthy, Jeanne feels a sudden disconnect from her parents, a feeling that leaves her "afloat, and...a spectator witnessing the [moment]," (Houston 120). She says that more often than not she would seek reassurance from Woody and Chizu, and not her parents. This shows that Jeanne realized that her parents needed to rely on each other, and that she needed to start relying on herself. This moment in time also shows to Jeanne that her parents really do love each other, throughout the separation, throughout the heartache, throughout the troubling times.

By: Kamri Williams and Brianna Austin