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History of Our Beautiful Colony

The British were the ones to create the colony of Virginia, making it the first British colony. Many Europeans, however were competing for the region, such as the Spanish, French, Dutch, and Swedish because the more colonies a country had, the more important and dominant it was. As the colony started off and different companies settled in the land (such as the Plymouth, London, and Virginia), the town of Jamestown was founded. However, colonists went through a rough time, due to the Starving Time, and as a result many of the colonists no longer remained. However, it was John Rolfe who brought the colony back to stardom! As the colony expanded, relations with local Native Americans and the colonists worsened as the colonists forced them out of their land and forced them to move to other areas. Slaves also raised to help in the cultivation of the tobacco crop. This colony is located on the Eastern part of North America, touching the Atlantic Ocean. The location was good because since Virginia touched the Ocean, and Jamestown was situated quite near to the ocean, tobacco was able to be exported out. The colony had towns and farms, but farms proved to be more necessary since tobacco was such a big cash crop. The 'Hundreds' was a section of land that investors closed off in specific sections of the colonies to farm tobacco, proving just how vital the crop was to the colony. At the beginning of our colony's history the Anglican Church dominated, but as time went on Protestants, Baptists, and Methodists challenged this church so that they can have more leadership in the colony. While the House of the Burgesses persisted, a series of governors persisted as rulers. The real governors stayed mostly in England; it was mostly later that these governors began to rule from the colony. Before this system of government however, the colony was ruled under a council and martial law under Thomas Dale.

Important Events in Our History!

Bacon's rebellion was a huge rebellion in Virginia's history because it included the rich white man, the poor white man, the Native Americans, and the slaves. As the Natives were kicked out so that their land could be used for tobacco cultivation, poor whites rebelled because only the rich white men got to own this land to cultivate tobacco. The poorer colonists wanted to own land to cultivate tobacco as well. This resulted in the House of Burgesses having to regulate slavery so that the rich could not be hurt/at a disadvantage because this in this rebellion, specifically, the poor whites sided with the slaves against the rich whites. Many more important events afterwards, revolved around the Native Americans and the settlers. Many of these were wars that would result in loss of land and people for the Natives. Whenever treaties were made, they were always broken, examples include: Anglo-Powhatan Wars, Indian Massacre of 1622, and the Treaty of 1646.

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