stay safe on the internet

are you safe on the internet

how safe are you the internet

if you think you are not safe on the internet then tell your parents because will be able to sort it out because they could dangerous people on together like paedophile and other people that can hurt you they could take your details and track you down.

Beware of strangers

beware of the strangers because there are loads of convicted pedofiles out there that could have you on there look out for you of people out there so never ever leave your account details out in world because they could come after you.

how to keep safe on online

never leave any of your details on show where older people can see you and see where you are going day in day out and never leave your school address because strange people may find out what school you go to.

do you think your safe on the internet.

if you think your safe on the internet then you are doing the right thing by not putting anything online like on your facebook page if you have one or your twitter page if you have one or any other online profile page that you have .

if you think your not safe read these tips

.never leave your details like your email address

.your mobile phone number

.your house address

.your house number

.or any of your personal details

your address

never leave your address where other horrible people out there could follow you round day in day out you know what your leaving around for other to see so if its our address get rid of your address.