Heroville October Edition

October 2021

"My kids enjoy school more now than they did before. They are always more positive about it."

- St. Mark Parent

Snapshots from Programs

It's so good to be back with friends at program! Here are just a few snapshots from the last few weeks in Western Dubuque and Dubuque!

A Day at St. Mark

A Day at St. Mark Program Hosted by Mykerra - Legacy of Learning 2021
Last school year, Mykerra and her friends from Lincoln took over the show to give us a peek at what goes on at St. Mark program. This still brings us so much joy, and we hope it makes you smile too!

Kindness Campaign #spreadkindnessdbq

We’ve been super excited to work with our neighbors and friends at St. John’s this fall to spread kindness and love in this community!! #ittakesavillage #kindness #spreadkindnessdbq


P.S. Here’s a bit of kindness for you from all of us,

take a good look in the mirror today and tell yourself you matter, you’re important, and you’re awesome.

Did you do that?! High fives!

A little too hard today? That’s okay! You’re still awesome, you matter, and you’re important. Here’s some high fives for you too.

How will you spread kindness today?

Read more about St. John's campaign in the Telegraph Herald

TH - People who make a difference: Dubuque muffin cousins sell treats to give back

Big picture

Our hearts are full. This group of amazing kid heroes set up a lemonade stand and raised $500 for school supplies for area kids. We think they're amazing and the Dubuque Telegraph Herald agreed.

Thank you Emma, Calliope, Sophia, and Agatha and grandma Carrie and Cathy for all your support. The Four Cousins Muffins are the best! And thank you to everyone who stopped by their stand to show your support for so many kids!!!!

2022 Ice Golf Classic

Saturday, Feb. 12th 2022 at 8am

285 5th Street

East Dubuque, IL

St. Mark's whackiest fundraising event is back! Registration for the 2022 Ice Golf Classic is now open! To sign up, visit us online at stmarkyouthenrichment.org/icegolf.

To stay up-to-date on announcements about our silent auction and more, follow us on Facebook.

Lights on Afterschool

Thursday, Oct. 28th, 3pm

This is an online event.

Lights On Afterschool is going virtual. Visit our Facebook on October 28 for a spotlight on our programs and kids!


Just a reminder that conferences are on the horizon in October. Be on the lookout for reminders about no-program dates!

Halloween Family Nights

St. Mark families, look out for information about our family nights in October. We can't wait to share goodies, photos, and more!

Sponsor Angels - Last Call

Friends don't forget to sign up with Sponsor Angels, a program that provides warm clothes for St. Mark families in need. Please call Danielle at 563.582.6211 ext 102 or email dwillis@stmarkyouthenrichment.org if you have questions.

Sign your family up to receive gifts

Participation is open to families in St. Mark programs.

We're Hiring!

St. Mark is hiring!! We have various opportunities at our Dubuque & Western Dubuque site locations. If interested in hearing more information on these opportunities, please reach out to Amanda Avenarius at aavenarius@stmarkyouthenrichment.org or visit us online at stmarkyouthenrichment.org/employment.