Jackson the Devil

Hero or Zero? Find out today! By: Umama Suriya, Period 1

The "Trail of Tears"

Jackson told all the Cherokees to get out of Georgia because they needed the land and they found gold there and wanted it. They moved the Cherokee to Oklahoma. Many died on the way and the ones who didn't, died when they got there. Jackson used his power of passing an act ( or veto) and passed the Indian Removal Act. The act made the Cherokees move to another place even if they didn't want to. This event is called the Trail of Tears because the Americans moved the Cherokees from their homes and send them to a place without food or animals to hunt. People died because of hunger and thirst during the way.

"Killing the bank"

Jackson thought the bank was unconstitutional so, he decided to tear down the bank. That made rich people mad because they put their money in the bank. All the money was divided to small banks which benefitted average and poor people. Jackson didn't like it because it favored the wealthy. He also thought that the US didn't need a national bank but, after his term ended, they made a new national bank.

"The Corrupt Bargain"

There is an election going on for the new president, It is John Quincy Adams verses Andrew Jackson. It is a pretty close decision but, Jackson got the most votes! Yay!!! Jackson won!! No, don't yay yet! Adams is trying to make himself win!!! Oh no!!! He tells Henry Clay (Congressman) that if he tells everybody in Congress to vote for him, he will make him Secretary of State. As you figured, Clay did that and Adams won the election even though Jackson had more votes! Cheater!!

A letter from a Cherokee: -

Dear Andrew Jackson,

You suck!!! How dare you kick us out of our home that was ours from our ancestors? How dare you! You are the reason we are lessening in numbers! The "Trail of Tears", are you kidding me? Just because of land, you killed a quarter of the Cherokee population? You are so Selfish Jackson!!!! And the bank? Yes, we know you hate rich people but, killing the bank with all their money and giving the money to small banks? That will help the poor people but barely!! And, you weren't that bad in "The Corrupt Bargain" it was all Adam's fault. But overall, you are a devil Jackson! You hear me? A DEVIL!!!

NOT yours truly,

A cherokee

A letter from a Factory Worker: +

Dear Andrew Jackson,

Jackson, you rock!! YOU are the reason we are getting waaaay more salary than we ever had before. Thank you!! You are the reason why our things are selling way more than foreign things. Thank you for that also!!! The "trail of tears" was awsomesauce!!!! The Indians should be removed from their homes because technically, it was their country before but now it is not so therefore, they should be removed. Also, the gold they think is over there can really help our economy and it can really help the factory workers like me to make more supplies off of the money from the gold and get a better salary. I strongly think you made a mistake by closing the bank because I think when I get rich enough to put my money in a bank, I would've put it in the national bank because I think it is trustworthy enough to keep my money, but since you "killed the bank" I guess I'll have to live with a small bank with my money!! But, what I don't get is that, if John Quincy Adams wanted to be president, he should've kept on trying, not cheat by telling Henry Clay to tell the Congress to vote for him. When suffrage grows to all white men and you are included in the election, I am going to vote for you no matter what!!

Yours truly,

A factory worker

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Jackson Political Cartoon

This political cartoon represents the saying "I will hang you from the first tree I find" said by President Jackson when his vice president, Van Buren, agreed to Nullify South Carolina. Jackson hated that the people of South Carolina disagree with his decisions, but Buren lived in South Carolina and thought it was right to nullify it because of the tariffs that Jackson decided to put on the states. Jackson DID NOT support the idea of taking a star off of the American flag. Thankfully, Buren was not hanged from a tree.