The People Before Us

colonial americans

Religious Life

Anna Cristina

Religion was a very important thing to many people who lived in the colonies. In fact religion was a huge reason why the colonist left Europe. In most colonies church was most of the day. Colonist usually had church in meeting houses where they would pray together. The middle and southern colonist were a mixture of religions and New England colonist were puritans and lead a more strict life. In America they didn’t have to worry about religious persecution and that played a big part on why they wanted to move to America.

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How to Gain Control

Bailey P

How to gain control

The British wanted to gain control. The Europeans wanted to be wealthy and broaden their influence of affaires. The British needed a plan. They started winning wars against France. The two European powers fought a series of four wars. They were known as the French and Indian war. The final conflict was also called the French and Indian wars, which brought an end to the combined, series of wars. 1


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Our Lives in the 18th Century

Liam P.

During the mid-1700’s English citizens in the New World were starting to make their own style of life but some as the same as Britain. People even after their long across the ocean still cared about their social class as in wealth and property size. Working people were usually in smaller houses and their jobs were most likely farmer’s brick layers, fishers, and trades of beaver hide. Foods were small game and vegetables. All families made their clothes and house hold things like soap. Men wore long sleeves with vest in summer and several layers of jackets in winter and wore wings all year. Girls wore longer dresses and large hats. They always wore long sleeves because of the sun as they protected themselves from sun burn. They were taught Religion/Christianity, math, reading, and writing. They always went to church and were a whole day gathering.

The Evils of America During the 18th Century

Selim Tunagur

The Americans during the 1700s were very busy with one topic, science and technology. This caused many problems considering that politics and metaphysics were out of the picture. Ultimately this scientific mode of thought might be applied to the problems of civil society as well, but for the most part the emphasis in colonial America remained on science and technology. It was the techniques of applied science that most excited the minds of Americans who were faced with the problem of subduing an often wild and unruly land. They saw in science the best way to explain, and eventually to harness, those forces around them.

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