Appearance - Module Nine

October 26, четверг - Make sure to scroll the page >>>

Что делать в четверг?

  • We continue learning about family. This week we are learning how to talk about the appearance of your family members.
  • Today, on Thursday, review Module Nine Vocabulary: Appearance
  • Do not forget about your Conversation sessions.


Check your grades asap. I had to put many "zeros" this week in grade book for those students who have not turned in some work.

I will be sending your Progress grades to school on Tuesday. I am filling out report with your grades that is sent to schools every two weeks. However, I do not have access to your PowerSchool. I do not enter grades in your PowerSchool. That would be a person in your school. From many of your messages I understand that your PowerSchool is not updated. There is nothing I can do about that.

Make sure you know what your grade is. Let me know if you can not locate it.

Reading: Appearance - male

Yesterday you practiced sentences you would use to describe female appearance. Today we will practice describing male appearance. Do you know who is the person on the picture? If not go back to Wednesday announcement to read about this famous Russian.

Task 1:
Use this recording to practice reading sentences below

Task 2: Choose the correct words that describe the image. Practice with coach.
Note: if you have trouble understanding the sentences you need to go to the vocabulary and study new words.

You have an assignment this week where you have to describe the appearance of Russian prominent person. You can use these sentences to describe male appearance and sentences from yesterday to describe female appearance.

Pronunciation comments:

  • него" is pronounced " У нево "
  • " молодой"is pronounced " мaлaдой"(unstressed "o" is pronounced as "a"
  • "короткие" is pronounced "кaроткие"

Как он выглядит? - How does he look like?

  • Это красивый мужчина.
  • Это молодой мужчина.
  • У него красивое/некрасивое лицо.
  • У него залёные/карие/голубые глаза.
  • У него светлые/тёмные волосы.
  • У него короткие/длинные волосы.
  • У него светлые/чёрные брови.
  • У него маленький/большой нос.
  • У него большие/маленькие губы.
  • У него красные/розовые губы.
I am very proud of the work you are doing during conversation sessions. Kudos to Renn works on vocabulary before conversation sessions to get ahead start. Renn was able to figure out the the riddle about days of the week faster then native speakers!

Remember, it takes practice. You have to continuously listen to the recordings and practice saying them out loud.

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On the image: near Big Ben in London, England (July 2016)