Arts, Audio/Video Technology andCommunications

The Cluster

Maybe you are wondering what Actors/Actresses do. First, you audition. Next, you have to meet with agents before you accept the role. If you accept the role, you must study the lines they provided, and research the character's personality traits. You also get to collaborate with other Actors/Actresses to better understand you role. Most people that act perform in big cities. Such as Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, and lots of other cities. New York has a population growing up to 8.6 million! But if you don't like the big cities, you can always choose a different occupation in this cluster. Some of these additional occupations include Dancers, Singers, Producers and a ton more. But what is best about being an Actor/Actress? You only need LESS than a high school diploma. So if college isn't your thing, this can be you back up job. An important skill you will need include self confidence. You need this skill to confront your producer if you would like a line changed.