Flying Objects

By Patrick Grusser


If you ever experienced a shooting star , a tsunami, or a over grown snowball hitting your state if so these are what cause them. There are rocks,and gas, heat, and fumes that come off of every planet in space. When they get to close to the earth and have gravity all around it, it will come crashing down into earth. If you have ever had bad storms of tsunami's or had an earthquake and you had no idea why? When these rocks come off of theses planets like the moon and make a big eruption on earth you know what hit you.


One of my subtopics are Meteors. Meteors are basically shooting stars but they cause a lot more damage because they are solid rock that could cause big explosions or eruption, also the shooting star are smaller and less heavier than Meteors so they wont cause as much damage as Meteors.
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Next, are comets, comets are big and really old balls that never hit the earth because when it enters are atmosphere it melts because when it is way to hot and it disintegrates. Also,comets are made right outside of our solar system and then it drops and comes into our solar system and orbits the coldest planet neptune and that is how it gets all of its coldness and then melts in less that 1 minitue.
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Now let's learn about amazing asteroids in space. These are basically space's atomic bombs because if it hits a planet, the explosion is ten times bigger than an atomic bomb! Asteroids are the most dangerous things in space right next to the sun and when they come crashing down into the earth it will give the earth a tsunami, earthquake, or a big eruption, or explosion. Also, astroids are big flammable rocks that when it comes crashing down into earth it makes big danger.
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I hope you learned something about how these things are formed and what they do to the earth if it hits the earth. So when it does hit the earth you know what hit you.


  1. solar system: The place where all of the planets that we know of live in like jupiter saturn and neptune.
  2. Eruption: A big explosion that happens when something makes contact with something else.
  3. Galaxy: a place outside of our solar system that they don't know what is out there.
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