Our HUMX 1100 digital newsletter!


Follow ALL the links below and have a good time

Check out everything below. Be absolutely certain you go through the nearpod. I will get a report emailed to me letting me know who accessed the nearpod.

One of the links I want you to follow is something fun my awesome friend John does called Muffalo Potato. He will teach you to draw in minutes using only letters and numbers. The video I chose is drawing a chickie because of spring time. If you'd like to see any other of his videos and do that, please do. I will collect your MUFFALO POTATO drawings on 4/25.

Also, do me the courtesy of checking out everything below, not just nearpod and muffalo potato.

Further, class on 4/25 is our actual painting class with our guest teacher Jenna. You will be painting a Britto inspired work of art, on canvas. To be prepared for painting on the 25th, think of any symbol that you want to paint (a turtle, a heart, a kite, whatever. Preferably something of significance to you). In addition to thinking of your symbol, know the basic color you want to use.

For example, Miss D'Apice would choose a BIRD and the color GREEN.

Don't be afraid or intimidated by our painting class. Jenna is patient, encouraging, and one of my dearest friends.

Email me at any moment if you need any help with anything, have any questions, or just miss me.


Miss D'Apice

How to Draw A CHICKY Using Letters and Numbers with Muffalo Potato