Winter Quarter 2021

A Few Words From Dean Swanson

Dear Graduate Students:

As we start this new academic quarter and 2021, I find myself in awe of this moment in time. So much to reflect on. Dr. Bowie shared her gratitude for being a nurse and part of a local public health solution to a global pandemic. I concur. When we think about the enormity of the problem and all the unknowns—to be part of the global effort to vaccinate every person, one-arm-at-a-time, is a gift.

I am writing to you on Monday, 1/4/2021 at 8:11 p.m. Today, I felt the thrill of mobilizing and acting. Let me back up a bit. Last week (I believe it was Thursday or Friday), the governor’s office reached out to CEOs of large health care systems around the state. The plea went out to immediately help mobilize a vaccinator workforce. On Saturday morning (1/2/21), I was speaking with Dr. Renee Rassilyer-Bomers (an SU BSN, MSN, and DNP alum!) about vaccinations for SU CON students, faculty, and staff. Dr. Rassilyer-Bomers works at Swedish and SU. She assured me we are on the vaccination radar—especially those students and faculty who are in clinicals. She then introduced the question “What would it take to launch a SU-based, Swedish-managed, community serving vaccination clinic?” By Sunday evening Father Sundborg, Provost Martin, and Mary Petersen (Vice President and University Counsel) all weighed in with a resounding “Let’s make it happen.” Swedish CEO, Guy Hudson, MD, immediately commissioned Swedish personnel to mobilize—and ‘we were all off to the races.’ This morning at 8 a.m. approximately 30 SU and Swedish administrators came together to hatch a plan. At noon time, led by Dr. Rassilyer-Bomers a group of 12 SU and Swedish folks assessed four SU buildings. By 7 p.m. a workflow plan was developed. At 8 a.m. tomorrow the team of 30 will reconvene, compare notes, and prepare for ‘go-live’—ideally by 1/12/2021!

We are watching population health in action. Thinking big and small all at once. If you wonder about the worth of your DNP—I invite you to examine all the opportunities for your population health, quality improvement, epidemiology, ethics for social justice, health care financing, critical inquiry, informatics, health policy, nursing, and advanced practice lens to help you become part of an equitable solution to the challenge of getting the COVID vaccine into the arm of EVERY person in our community, in our State, and across our globe.

To our APNI students, just prior to the break Dr. Bowie, your graduate faculty, and I worked on answering additional questions from the Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission (WA DOH) and CCNE (accreditors) about the proposed re-envisioning of the APNI program curriculum to an Accelerated Masters Entry (AME/APNI) program. Their last sets of questions really helped us gain clarity on how the curriculum for AME/APNI students not only meets the BSN Essentials, but also the MSN Essentials. Technically the quick answer is through inclusion of the new Population Health Role Synthesis Course, plus four doctoral level courses during pre-licensure studies (Population Health Theory, Epidemiology, Ethics for Social Justice, and Critical Inquiry I). Truthfully, it is so much more than that. We have come to appreciate how much the focus on population health and ethics for social justice provide a wide-angle lens through which you join the profession and set you apart as a very different entry-into-practice RN. Moreover, it has you, and your fellow RN entry DNPs, on a different launching pad as you continue doctoral studies to become an advanced practice nurse. I know you have put a lot of faith in us to make the entry-level MSN become real. We beg your continued patience. It has been a long ‘row to hoe.’ I am very hopeful we are getting closer to the end goal. It has been a lot of work—but worth it. Your precious future is worth it.

Through COVID, racial injustice awareness and marches, remote learning, political upheaval, virtual clinicals, forest fires and smoke-filled skies, delayed clinical placements, and restricted CPL use—we are still together in our commitment to prepare all of you as leaders who will transform health care for a just and humane world.

In solidarity and hope,

Dean Swanson

A Few Words from Associate Dean Bowie

This holiday season has lacked the usual lights, plays, musicals and celebrations that many of us have enjoyed in past years. Like most of you, my Christmas was rather quiet and celebrated as safely as possible without the gathering of extended family. I will admit to feeling rather gloomy just prior to the winter break. However, after Christmas, I had the opportunity to volunteer through the King County Public Health Reserves Corps to administer some of the first Covid-19 vaccines to First Responders and Community Clinic staff. I cannot tell you how uplifting it was to observe our King County Public Health Department do what they do best – mobilize health care workers to address a public health crisis. The vaccination clinics have been well organized and have included volunteer RNs, ARNPs, EMS folks and others from across the county, including our own Dr. Diane Switzer. Health care professionals working cheerfully and tirelessly to get the work done – it is what I love about my chosen profession.

I know many of you have been working on the front lines, providing care to Covid-19 patients in your place of work or though clinical rotations. I want you to know how proud I am of each of you - students, faculty, and alumni - who have stepped up during this very challenging time. And for those of you who have stayed home; thank you for being conscientious and decreasing the spread to others. Each person in our SU College of Nursing community has played an important role during this pandemic and I am grateful for each of you.

My volunteer experience has left me feeling optimistic about 2021. Watching health care professionals who previously did not know each other, come together to seamlessly work toward a common goal under the guidance of our public health system gives one renewed confidence. The distribution of vaccines will continue to improve and expand. The days are getting longer, and I can now see the light at the end.

I wish you all a blessed New Years and a healthy 2021.

Associate Dean Bowie

Important Dates, Events & Reminders


Jan 5: Classes Begin

Jan11: Last day to Add/Drop classes

Jan16-18: MLK Jr Holiday, No classes

Feb 1: Last day to remove "I" grade, Fall 2020

Last day to apply for Graduation: Summer and Fall 2021

Feb 12-15: President's Day, No classes

Feb 22: Last day to withdraw from classes

Feb 23: Registration begins for Spring 2021

Mar 1: Last day to remove "N" grade, Winter 2020

Mar 15: Last class day

Mar 16-20: Final Exam Week

Mar 19: DNP Virtual Scholarship Day - mark your calendars, everyone is invited!

Mar 21-28: Spring Break, no classes

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Swedish Community COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic at SU

Beginning Tuesday, Jan. 12 and continuing for the next several months, the Swedish Community COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic at Seattle U will utilize our Campion Ballroom. Initially the clinic will operate on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays with a plan to add more days in subsequent weeks. Vaccinations will be allocated according to guidance from the Washington State Department of Health. Please know that Swedish is developing a comprehensive plan that includes appropriate health and safety protocols to support and protect medical staff, volunteers, visitors and our campus community.

In addition to providing the space needed for the vaccination clinic, our campus community has the opportunity to volunteer at the clinic in a number of important capacities. It is our current expectation that students, faculty and staff who volunteer for a shift at the clinic will have the opportunity to receive the first dose of the vaccination at the end of their shift, followed by the second dose later, in accordance with Department of Health guidance.

Dean Swanson will continue to share updates with you via email messages. Please look to your emails for the most UPDATED communications.

For questions related to campus, please email

For questions related to the clinic, please email

COVID updates:

  1. If you received Dose # 1 this past week through Swedish Health Services, the sign- up sheet for your second dose is:

  1. All volunteer slots for the upcoming week 1/12 to 1/16 are filled. Keep your eye on the volunteer sign up site for subsequent weeks.
  2. Pre-licensure students who wish to be a vaccinator must:
    1. Be accompanied by an instructor when vaccinating
    2. Have completed the PCNW clinical placement health requirements (immunizations, TB tests, etc)
    3. Have been checked off as competent for immunization/vaccination skills
    4. Clinical instructors – please go to the volunteer sign-up sheet – sign up as a health professional, where there is a comment box write in that you are an SU instructor and will be accompanied by your clinical group of (number) students. Write in the day you will be on site. If you run into any issues – please let me (Kristen) know and we can troubleshoot together.
    5. Students – please wear your SU scrubs when you are at the clinic.
  3. RNs (E.g., DNPs and Faculty) who wish to volunteer – know that you are volunteering as a private citizen and under your own license. THE EXCEPTION – if you are there as a SU clinical instructor with your SU students – then you are there as an SU employee.
  4. Anyone (pre-licensure nursing students, DIUS students, DNPs, faculty, Staff) may volunteer for ‘non-clinical’ jobs – doing so as ‘private citizens’.
  5. Employees may use their community service hours (See recent HR communications).

Thank you all for your enthusiasm.

Dean Swanson

APNI - Class of 2024

APNI Students will be taking 15 credits this Winter:

Care of Childbearing Family: Clinical/OB

Care of Childbearing Family: Theory

Leadership & Management

Promoting Mental Health: Clinical/PSYCH

Promoting Mental Health: Theory

A Note from your Advisor, Rebecca Severson:

Just wanted to remind all of you as you embark on another quarter that my virtual office is open to you. If any questions arise, please email me or grab an appointment on my Bookings Calendar - I'm happy to chat through anything on your mind!

DNP I - Class of 2023

DNP I students will be taking 10 credits this Winter:

6001 Advanced Health Assessment: Lab

6101 Advanced Health Assessment: Theory

6075 Differential Diagnosis

6017 Finance & Healthcare

There will be 90 students rotating through the In-Person 6001 lab in the CPL for Advanced Health Assessment. Please be sure to follow campus and CPL guidelines for safe entry.

The most updated news and SU guidelines related to COVID-19 can be found here:

DNP II - Class of 2022

DNP II Students will be taking between 9-16 credits this Winter depending on track:

6018 Program Design & Evaluation

6015 Critical Inquiry II

In addition, each track will focus on a specialty course:

6460 - Primary Care II

6202 - Midwifery Mngmt. of Antepartum Newborn & Post-partum Care

6506 - Psychopharmacology I

6402/6412/6403 - Acute Care I: Theory, Lab and Acute Care Clinical

This Winter quarter, students will begin working with a DNP Mentor on the DNP Project. If you are curious about what the final projects look like - remember you can go to Scholarworks via the Lemieux Library:

DNP III - Class of 2021

DNP III Students are in the final legs of the program! Some are partway through their DNP Project work, while others will be wrapping up. Some will be completing their DNP clinical rotations, while others are partway through.

38 students will complete the DNP requirements at the end of Winter quarter and 42 students plan to present DNP Projects on March 19th at Scholarship Day.

What is Scholarship Day?

This is a very exciting day for our DNP students and faculty, as it marks the very last requirement and completion of the DNP program. This March, students will present their DNP Projects to their DNP Mentors and an audience in breakout rooms on Zoom. This is a public event, and everyone's invited! If you're curious about the incredible work being done by our soon-to-be DNP grads-or you'd like to take the mystery out of what the final DNP Project looks like-you should plan to attend! An invitation and schedule with Zoom link will be shared in the week leading up to March 19.

DNP III students: Missy will be reaching out to those of you who are interested in planning for the Hooding & Blessing of Hands event in June. Please connect with her if you're interested in planning this event!

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The CPL has had a great first quarter of the new academic year. The CPL team has worked with the College of Nursing, Public Safety, and Nursing Commission to do everything possible for the safety of students, staff, and faculty. Over the course of the fall quarter, we welcomed 2,600 student, faculty, and staff visits to the CPL. To date, we have no known Covid-19 transmission linked to the CPL. We are pretty proud of that! We have learned a great deal and using what we have learned to prepare for the upcoming winter quarter. The CPL is ready for the winter quarter and excited to be hosting both lab and simulation activities. All the operations in the CPL are reflective of policies and procedures that have been vetted through external entities and responsive to ongoing CDC recommendations.

If you have a lab or scheduled activity in the CPL this quarter, we are delighted to see you. Please make sure to review all policies and procedures of what will be expected. We are anticipating being open on the first day of classes for the winter quarter and expect all students to adhere to SU policies regarding testing and safe practices. The CPL team is also continuing to support virtual simulation activities and working closely with both faculty and students to optimize virtual simulation learning.

We are honored to be part of your education and wish you a lovely and restful holiday season.

~The CPL Team

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We know this pandemic is hitting many people hardest during the winter. Here is a snapshot of how some of us are filling our time and keeping our spirits high!
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We know ALL faculty and staff are doing everything they can, and all of us are valued and important. In this new segment of the DNP Newsletter, students recognize faculty who have gone above and beyond the call fall quarter during this Covid -19 pandemic.

Students Honor Dr. Kumhee Ro

"She is exceptionally talented in teaching and motivating students to read and practice more but in a very relaxed and cheerful manner. "

"It is astounding how well organized, succinct, humble, and passionate she was about teaching this course. It is even more astonishing how she managed to do this so well with our current online learning model."

"Our future in medicine has been enhanced...It is quite clear that she has spent many hours in preparing for this course, and then all of the thoughtfulness in our assignments, learning, and final examination were exactly what students needed to succeed not only in this course but in future practice..with graduation just around the corner, this course couldn't have occurred at a better time for our cohort."

Students Honor Dr. Therry Eparwa

"Over the short summer quarter, (Dr. Eparwa) personified immense passion and knowledge. She engaged us in thoughtful lectures and made time for questions that fueled our collective learning. Dr. Eparwa created a learning environment for us all, providing tools, feedback, and reflection to deepen our understanding of the human body, and make the pathophysiology content accessible. Every step of the way, she challenged us to consider the impacts of marginalization and structural inequity--and how they might translate into an individual's wellbeing. We will all be better practitioners as a direct result of Dr. Eparwa's compassion and teaching."

Students Honor Dr. Patrick Murphy

"Patrick is one of the most genuinely kind and compassionate people + instructor I've ever met...He is truly passionate about both pharmacology and about teaching his students. Patrick is sweet, caring, compassionate, and so much more. All this is clearly demonstrated if you have just one encounter with him. He is always smiling and has a positive attitude that sets a positive tone on Zoom. It is obvious that he cares about us, our learning, and our well-being...Patrick is by far the best and my favorite instructor I've ever had. My only wish is that I could meet Patrick and have him as a lecturer in person. I cannot praise this man enough. Patrick rocks!!!

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Students, Faculty & Staff - Please Join EJC This Winter!!

We invite you all to join us in our EJC community. The initiatives for the 2020-2021 year are:

  1. Cultural competency in the BSN and DNP curriculum
  2. Black Lives Matter Movement - what can we do and how can we stay involved?
  3. Continue the initiatives from 2019-2020 year (Microaggression Learning Modules, Microaggression Reporting, Mentorship program in the DNP)

Do you have any questions or feedback for EJC? Email us at:

Zoom for Winter Quarter Meetings :

Thursday, Jan 21 | 3:30pm-5:00pm
ZOOM ID: 915-8136-0074, Password: ejc0121

Wednesday, Feb 24 | 3:30pm-5:00pm

ZOOM ID: 950-8878-2177. Password: ejc0224

March Date TBD

LOVED INTO LIFE: An Ignatian Retreat Experience

Monday, January 18th – Saturday, February 6th

Based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, Loved into Life is an extended retreat experience that invites students into a deeper relationship with God who loves, calls, and sends each of us to live with purpose and fullness of life. Guided, thematic reflections and one-on-one spiritual accompaniment by members of the Campus Ministry team will support participants as they integrate personal prayer, reflection, and life-giving practices into the daily rhythms and commitments of student life. This retreat is open to SU undergraduate and graduate students of all faith traditions and philosophical backgrounds who are interested in deepening their reflective experience through the Ignatian tradition. More information and registration on ConnectSU until January 13, 2021. Space is limited. Free to attend.

More Questions? Contact: Megan Kush at

A Note on Email Signatures:

It is important to represent yourself accurately. The Doctor of Nursing Practice program is not a PhD program where students take comprehensive examinations and, upon passing, receive the title, PhC (meaning PhD candidate). Referring to yourself as a candidate can cause confusion with our preceptors and it is a misrepresentation of your academic status.

We suggest using the following E-signature format:

Name, Credential | DNP Student - specialty | Class of 202X


Your Address or Seattle U Address

work: | cell:



EJC Website

Modeled after the “online syllabus” created by the Black Lives Matter and Standing Rock movements, this site is an online repository of information on the effects of racism on health, multimedia teaching and learning resources, and much more.

Microaggresions Reporting Tool

Reporting is confidential and no names are collected. The link is anonymous and cannot be traced to you or your device. The data will be reviewed by a designated EJC member who will deidentify details for review and follow-up.

CANVAS - CON Info Page

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CON Website for Current Students

Covid-19 related student resource page from the CON


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