Gliding Through Guided Reading

Steps In Guided Reading

Guided Reading Is...........................

  • Teaching students reading strategies to apply when reading many books
  • Supporting Students to read an entire text until they can read independently
  • Facilitating conversations about texts that develop good reading habits
  • Give students an opportunity to explore and apply reading strategies and skills they have been learning to a given text
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What Does Guided Reading Look Like

Asa G. Hilliard used the below model and video to role play and gain a better understanding of how to implement an effective guided reading lesson.

BEFORE Reading:

* Teachers engaged in a turn and talk to discuss opening guided read activities and set the following expectations:

  • May do a familiar re-read of previous text. Introduce the new text.
  • Introduce key vocabulary.
  • Incorporate phonics instruction.

DURING Reading:

Students read the text.

*All teachers discussed and agreed that round robin or popcorn reading would not be appropriate! The consensus was that students should individually attend to and read the entire text. Teachers then began to model and role play the steps and expectations.

  • The most important thing student’s do during guided reading is READ. Students should be reading the majority of the time.
  • Teachers should listen to students read and attend to their reading behaviors, keeping anecdotal notes, and providing feedback to students regarding what they are doing correctly and what they need to work on.

Appropriate Strategies Used in Guided Reading :

  • Staggered (students begin reading at different times so students who are sitting next to each other are in different places in the text and cannot “copy” each other’s reading)
  • Whisper (students read aloud in a quiet voice while the teacher makes anecdotal notes for each student )
  • Paired (pairs of students read the same aloud at the same time)
  • Echo (The teacher models reading a small section of the text with accuracy, fluency and good expression. Students repeat the modeled reading)
  • Choral (all students read aloud with the teacher)

AFTER Reading

*Once teachers completed the during reading activity, they played a word sort game to identify after reading and wrap-up activities.

*Teachers and students have post-reading discussions based on:

  • Comprehension
  • Skills and reading strategies
  • Core content
  • Vocabulary
  • Key ideas
  • Text structures and features

*Provide students with opportunities to go back into the text and re-read as necessary to support comprehension and to find evidence to support their answers.

Teachers were given time to plan and pull resources for their guided reading lessons.

Guided Reading In Action

We used this lesson example to help teachers gain a better understanding of guided reading expectations.

Guided Reading Resources & Materials

Journeys Leveled Readers

Good Habits Great Readers Leveled Readers

McGraw Hill Leveled Readers

Reading A to Z

Social Studies & Science Leveled Library

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