The Terrifying Twister

The most terrifying thing since stepping on an air stair.

Forever Parks!

All new at Forever Parks Entertainment! The Terrifying Twister ! With over 45 miles an hour of terrifying speed, The Cyclone is the only one of its kind. So come on down to Forever Parks and enjoy the ride! Please remember that due to lack of material the model shown is missing a few of its legendary swirls!

The Types of Motion

While on The Terrifying Twister you get 4 gs of circular motion. When you are screaming for your life as you are being pulled up at a 90 degree angle, you are experiencing straight line motion.

Forces Applied to the Rider

Gravity moves your cart down The Terrifying Twister's funnel and glues you to your seat. Friction slows down your kart at the end of the thrill due to the brakes applying to the bottom of your kart.

Forces Applied to the Ride

The ride remains at rest until its pulled up by the belt, due to inertia. A heavier rider would mean that the ride has to exert more force on the cart than if a lighter person rode it Newton’s second law explains this. As the lego person sits on the seat the seat pushes back up on him with the same amount of force which exhibits Newton’s third law.