By: Ashley Bukowsky


The 22 month chain of child murders that took place in Atlanta, Georgia began on July 21,1979. Williams would kidnap the young African American child in broad daylight and in a public place and then kill them at a later time. In April 1981 the suspect began to change his MO from dumping the children's bodies in a desolate location to dumping them in the Chattahoochee River.
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Early one morning 3 police officer heard a loud splash at the Chattahoochee River and saw a car speed away, the officer had pursued the vehicle and stopped Williams but had no probable cause. Two days later a young African Boy was found in the river and Williams was brought in with a poor alibi and ended up failing multiple polygraph examinations.
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On June 21, 1981, Williams was convicted of two murders after being linked to the victims by hair and fiber analysis and witness testimony. After getting sent to jail for life the law enforcement had evidence that could link him to 20 out of 29 murders. The killings stopped after he was sent to jail.
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At the time of the conviction,DNA testing wasn't a form of evidence in the court room so the har and fibers found on the victims that so called matched Williams could be invalid.