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Asking Price: £130

Laurastar Premium Steam Generator Iron- Made in Swiss

I made a research before buying a good iron and it has been the best value in money I have spent. The key feature of this ironing system is the ease and simplicity of use. It is so good that you can fold your bedlinen in 2 and sometimes in 4 layers, this way you genuinly cut your ironing time by half. Even my husband enjoy ironing.

It suitable for any type od fabric: Silk, Wool/mohair, Jeans, Beads and sequins, Table linen, Embroidery, Table cloth/bedding, Angora, Linen or even your curtains or suites in vertical position.

This product is a premium quality, profesional Steam Iron, originally bought in John Lewis. You get it in Excellent condition!! together with a Water gauge + Filler funnel + SOFTPRESSING soleplate + HOLDER G-LINE + and a stand if you like.


+ The iron has a rounded sole and a secure Iron holder, slides perfectly for crease-free ironing.
+ Anti-slip, protective sole for ironing delicate fabrics that are never shiny without worrying about temperature settings.
+ A constant pressure of 3.5 bars produces 200 l of adjustable steam volume per minute – the result is profes-sional ironing quality.
+ Unlike other steam generators, LAURASTAR has Double volume of extra fine steam. This gives you steam that is superfine that penetrates deep in the fabric without condensing, leaving no damp traces. The steam is so efficient that the iron glides over clothes. It barely needs to touch the cloth, and all creases seem to disappear.
+ The iron soleplate is even designed to give you maximum steam distribution throughout, You can easily iron vertically

+ It comes with SOFTPRESSING soleplate – with a special coating – reduces the iron surface temperature, so that it doesn’t stick to your clothes and garments never become shiny and protects delicate fabrics.

+ HOLDER G-LINE Keeps the steam tube out of the way, leaving you a clear field to enhance your most beautiful clothes.
+ Iron storage made easy by the iron holder; the iron can be moved in total safety.
+ It designed to work with tap water ( But not with scented water, rainwater, distilled water, softened water, water from a dehumidifier/tumble dryer)

Dimensions (L x W x H) 25 x 36 x 26 cm

Steam pressure 3.5 bars (double volume)
Power appliance 1800 W


Anti-slip, protective sole
A constant pressure of 3.5 bars
Professional iron with a rounded sole
Double volume of extra fine steam

Iron storage made easy by the iron holder

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