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Making friends around the World 5th-12th June 2019


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Students from different schools around the world, have been lost in the world and they are discovering cultures, countries and different languages ... all this has been reflected in a global comic that tells us these stories. But they have learned something disturbing about their travels, the world is haunted by dangers, for that reason they want to give a message of peace ... but... you will have to help them to decipher the enigmas that have been found throughout this journey around the world ... would you like to come with us?


Welcome to this world breakout edu!, you must decipher the enigmas that will help you to know better and to save the world. You must solve the challenges that are proposed to get to the final game.

Remember: You must save every numeric code to solve the final puzzle.

Teachers participanting in the eTwinning project "Making friends around the World"

Wednesday, June 5th, 8am-12pm

Wherever in the World