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The Cerebrum

Learn about the Cerebrum

The Cerebrum is the largest part of the brain. It covers 9/10ths of the brain.It is divided into two hemisheres.The right side of you brain contains music,art apprication and creativity.If you are left handed your right side of your brain is more developed.The left side of your brain contains language,math and step-by-step thinking.If you are right handed your left side of your brain is more developed.

Cerebrum:The Thinker!

If you did not have have your cerebrum you would always feel starving!!!This controlls your five senses,memory,questions and language and a lot of other things.This is a very important part of your brain.This has six very important lobes.The frontal lobe,if damanged this could cause mood swings & social differences,The Parietal lobe,plays a important role of integregating sensory information from various senses,and manipulating objects,The Occipital lobe,sense of sight,The Temporal lobe,sense of smell and sound,The Limbic lobe,deals with emotion and memory and the Insuler lobe,that controls pain and some other senses.As you can see it is very important.

The other main sections of the (Drum roll please,)Great brain --------------(The third picture is the Lobes of the Cerebrum)

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The Pop Quiz!!!How well do you know the brain

1)What controls your Body`s Temerature ?

2)What control`s your balence?

3)What control`s your memory?

4)If you didn`t have me you would always be hungry?

5)If you didn`t have me you would stop breathing?

6)If you didn`t have me you would can`t ride a bike?

7)If you had a memory of touching a hot stove what part of the brain would be working?

8)If you were to brethe what part of your brain would work?

9)If you were to move a musule you were working which part of your brain?

10)If you were to rember my name what part of your brain be functioning?


1)Your Brain Stem

2)Your Cerebellum

3)Your Cerebrum

4)You Cerebrum

5)Your Brain Stem

6)Your Cerebellum

7)Your Cerebrum

8)Your Brain Stem

9)Your Cerebellum

10)Your Cerebrum


1-3: Grade F----I think you should study more. You should listen more. You probably didn`t pay attention. you failed this test.... :8 Do not try brain surgery. You didn`t try...Shame...If I was a brain Do Not Do My Surgery. I am not Impressed. Please reread this Flyer. Also work on your listening skills. I don`t mean to be rude, But please don`t even think about brain surgery. If you reread this flyer a couple times you would do great. Go to a academy, If you want to be a be a brain surgeon. Bottom line you flunked the test.

4-6-Grade F-low D- You did a okay job. You should reread this flyer.... :( stay away from brain surgery. No need to be offended but you should go to a academy if you want to be a brain surgeon. My advise is to take notes and you will do great. But, for now keep on taking notes, Young brain learners. Pay close attention if you want to succeed this test.

Bottom line you did a okay job.

7-8-Grade C-B-Good Job-You actually did good. You listened. I am impressed. Not many people get this result. You listened. Good job. My advise is that you should continue your okay listening skills and make them great that way you can succeed in life's journey. Keep up your work. Bottom line you did a good job. Good job for you!!! :)

9-10-Grade A-Great Job. My advice is that you keep up the Great work!!! Almost nobody gets this result. But, You did surprisingly enough. I am impressed, Really. You should try out to be a brain surgeon. You should go to Yale or Harvard. Keep up the amazing work. Bottom line you are awesome!!!


They way we learned about the Cerebrum.

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