Newton's 100

Designers of the Pink Panther Crew Hardman, Seth Pruett

Newton's first law

Newton's first law is an object that moves when an external force is applied to it my car diddn't move without a rubber band. I at attached the rubber band to the axle and put the other side to the front top edge and twisted up my wheels. The rubber band would unroll after i let it go and it moved, without my rubber band my car would be an object that could not be in motion unless i pushed it.

Up above there are some examples of what i explained in Newton's first law

newton's second law

Newton's second law is an object's mass, it's acceleration is applied with force. This is F=ma, my car's mass was the car and the acceleration was the CD's and the force that was applied to it was the rubber band.

newton's third law

Newton's third law is for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction this is when you let go of your car for me after my rubber band is twisted up i let go of my car and it moves.

Final trials

My final trials of my vehicle were really good my third from last trial it went 501 centimeters it's speed was 50.1, my second from last trial went 549 centimeters it's speed was 54.9, and my last trial went 491 centimeters and it's speed was 3.6.1. my speed of my car was very similar with each trial first it went 46.1 then the next trial went 50.1 and the last trial went 54.9 it increased the decreased each trial.

before and after

I started with styrofoam block and carved it to a shape of a car it was to light to move so we could use it. then we used a shoe box. We flipped it sideways and used that as the car. We got Cd's for wheel. I got 3 rubber band cut them in half and tied them together. After that i used pencils for the axles and tied the rubber band to the pencil. I used "barbie purses" to keep the rubber band in place. Now the car could move. Now it was time for decoration i got pink spray paint and spray painted my car pink. Then Seth and i gave it the name Pink Panther.