What Are The Two Ageing Theories?

Activity Theory VS Disengagement Theory

Activity Theory & Disengagement theory

Activity theory is the theory that there is a positive relationship between satisfaction and a persons level of activity. The persons level of activity actually influences how a person views his or her self. This theory also corresponds with the disengagement theory. The disengagement theory is when an elderly person gives up some of their roles in life while still managing a sense of self-worth.

It means that if older people stay physically and mentally active and maintain social interactions their happiness will increase and this will also prevent them from disengagement.

This theory was made to believe that retiring from work is a good opportunity for older people to engage with the activities that they hadn’t yet experienced. When they reach retirement they will have enough time to travel to places that they would like to visit and spend their money on whatever they like and do a lot of things they never had time to do before.

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