Small article of Michael Jordan

Michael jordan has been the universal measuring device in appraising greatness. The overpowering magnificence of Jordan, the athlete and cultural phenomenon, has had such a profound effect on global society that descriptions of athletes, artists, business executives and Christmas

His hard work pays off

In a nation that invented the short attention span, the Jordan preeminence seems always to have been that way. But it took 10 years, from the skinny North Carolina freshman's jump shot to win the 1981 NCAA Championship to the Bulls' defeat of the Los Angeles Lakers for the 1991 NBA title, before his nonpareil status was certified. Until then, the conventional wisdom was that Jordan was much like many an individual scoring champion and/or spectacular player -- a part greater than the whole. His championships, in a culture that insists upon teamwork, distinguished him from his predecessors and elevated his greatness.

His first championship ring

Saturday, July 13th 1991 at 9pm

4 Pennsylvania Plaza

New York, NY