Archie nelson

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She wiped her eyes

Familiar sightings reminded her of other things but not of places. Branching herds of wandering animals meandered below them. Small fires burned sending misty plumes skywards. Evie scanned whilst her eyes fixed to the option binaire landscape around them. At some point, one of the crew made a signalling motion that they were heading back. Evie felt the crushing spirit of failure, followed by loss. It was all down to her.

They were still lost to her. When the helicopter arrived back on the tarmac, Evie was shepherded back into the hangar and an office which lay off to the back. It was option binaire shielded by equipment, she eyed what looked like heavy weaponry but she looked away. In what world was this normal? She looked unknowingly at these people. She had to force a kind of temporary trust. A belief that these officials were true. She had asked them for identification and they had dutifully shown them authorised ID cards and paperwork.

She still eyed them with uncertainty. Curtis asked Evie to sit down in one of the chairs in the office whilst they arranged transportation back. It had been a prerequisite for Luca and Evie that they take her back to the house on option binaire completion of duties. Evie’s world had only widened by a few miles and yet still she feared the world. Offering her a cold drink, she sipped the water they had given her. How did you find your way here to this town? Curtis placed a small recording device on the table. Evie noticed it with interest.

I was with a group of tribesmen. I followed them. Curtis lifted his eyebrow and then continued: Mr Ducasse said you were in quite option binaire a state when you turned up? They hurt me. I hurt myself. Why did you go to Mr Ducasse? Did you know him? I heard the French words they were talking in the street. And Mr Ducasse? I didn’t know. They were just strangers to me They still were, she added in her mind.

We want to get as much detail from you as soon as possible. Even the smallest piece of evidence might help us in piecing together what happened. Evie rolled her head. I don’t remember... Her voice trailed off into softness. No. I understand, Miss Lucas.

He spoke more gently with her. He noticed that she had pulled back. We’ll take it at your speed. You were the only survivor from bus number two, is that correct? Evie thought ‘how fucking ordered. Bus number two. Yes. I was the only one left. She looked more intently at the man, What happened to the other buses? They made it. They’ve been airlifted back to option binaire the UK.
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