Alzheimer's Not Old Timers!

By: Samantha Harley

What is Alzheimer's?

It is a disease that causes nerve cells to die and tissue loss in the brain. During the course of the disease the brain shrinks drastically. Also, neurons die with tangles and plaque appears.


To strive to be a doctor when I am older and to help others. From personal experience I know many people with this disease. To see my friend's grandma not even remember who she really is was devastating. Some of these people can't even go outside with remembering what they were doing. I would love to help as much as I can.


To teach everyone, even myself, how to protect the brain as you age, enhance your memory, and how to deal with any concerns.

In the brain


Failing: The cortex shrivels, the hippocampus shrinks, and the ventricles (the fluid in the brain) grow larger.

Used: Even though the cortex cannot generate thoughts, solve problems, make plans, and form and store memories, it still has its working senses.

Research & Experiments


Psychologist, Jannie Ward Robinson, PhD.


  • increase psychology awareness and knowledge of disease fundamentals with APA's help.
  • Identifying gaps in research and innovation that psychologist uniquely qualified to fill (psychometric development, clinical care improvement, and education/awareness/project plan)
  • Get psychologists more involved in the research paradigm


What causes the disease?

  • Exacerbation of aging
  • Degeneration of anatomical pathways
  • Exposure to aluminum, head injury, or malnutrition
  • Mutations in protein APP or genes PSEN
  • Dysfunctions in many systems of the body (mitochondrial/immune)
  • Etc.



  • 35 million people worldwide have this disease
  • Every 70 seconds someone develops this disease
  • 5th leading killer, raised 47% from 2000 to 2006
  • No cure
  • Cost the U.S $172 billion dollars a year

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