HELLO, 2014!

Our BEST year yet!

January Recap

We kicked the new year off with a BANG! We made the most of winter's bitter weather by having fantastic sales, adding new team members, and sharing our INCREDIBLE new collection with tons of customers. Here's the breakdown...

*Welcome to our newest Stellar STARS ~ We are THRILLED to have you join us!

Devin Rolling (Alicia Mayer)

Beth Phillips (Kelie Ernst)

Paula Kreitzer (Kelie Ernst)

*$1,500+ in sales:

Michelle Baker

Jenni Robillard

*$1,000 in sales:

Rachel Jessup

Amy Allgeier

*Qualified+ with over $500 in sales:

Sarah Allen

Stephanie Barton

Amanda Ernst

Jen Gopal

Alicia Mayer

Beth Phillips

Mandie Westvold

Fantastic job, Ladies! You all have month 1 down of the consistency bonus and are beginning to rack up serious Jumpstart for ALL credits!! The new Summer capsule collection previews for us at the beginning of March, so keep pushing hard for those sales so you can sample all your favorite pieces from the new Summer line for FREE!

Don't forget - you still have time to collect your Quick Start Bonus! Sell $1,000 by 3am on Feb. 8 (for us on EST) and earn an extra $100 in Product Credit!

Now here's what is going on this month to make you fall in love with February...

Kelie Ernst

Independent Star Stylist for Stella & Dot