Teen Tech Week at MHS

Apps for School. Apps for Fun!

Apps for School!

Apps for School

You have a device. So you may as well use it for learning and studying. There are many apps that can help you as a student. These are some of my favorites.


Quizlet is a great application for helping you study a variety of content. You can even choose the best way for you to review or learn the content: with a game, a quiz, or just a virtual flashcard! You can search for content or topics that have already been created or you can create your own.


This site is full of math and science content tailored to meet your personal learning style. The resources include images, games, simulations, and real-world applications. If you have questions about math or science you must check out this site.


Evernote is great for keeping all your notes and resources together in one place. It's available on the web, iOS devices, and Android devices. If you start using it, you may not ever have to lose another school assignment again!

Apps for Fun!

Apps for Fun

Sometimes you just need an app that will let you unwind from all the studying and learning of the day. These apps are a great way to create, share, and just have fun!


Animoto is a website but it's also available as an app in the App Store and the Google Play store. It's great for making short videos that you can share on all your social networks (and even with teachers)!


The website I am using right now is called SMORE. I can share this online flyer with anyone. I can include videos, links to website, pictures and more. Plus, I get to choose from a variety of backgrounds and colors to fit the message I want to communicate.


When you can't find the right app for your device, you can always turn to Quixey! Quixey is an app search engine. So it is your go-to website for finding apps based on your platform.

Rachelle Wooten, Digital Learning Specialist

Fort Bend ISD